Quandary of the Gods, Friday Fictioneers

Isn’t it funny, and sometimes fun, how quickly we become accustomed to expecting certain things to happen on certain days? In this case it’s Wednesday so it’s Friday Fictioneers time! I know it sounds odd but a wonderful thing none-the-less. Most especially if you’re a writer and/or a reader, a blogger, and love a challenge. That sums it up nicely.

For the writers in the group: Write an hundred word or less ‘flash fiction’ provided by a photo prompt. Sound interesting? Just click on the link and become a part of this fun group of writers. Rochelle, the wise and lovely hostess will provide all the information needed for you to begin. I encourage you to do so.

This weeks photo prompt brought to you by EL Appleby, copyright 2013

My offering:


Copyright – EL Appleby


Quandry Of The Gods – When the muse departs you’re left with the results!

He looked down at his latest creation, his face a mask of supreme frustration!

“Hi Zu, what’s up?” Poseidon asked, still dripping from his morning swim as he popped up next to Zeus.

“Hey Po,” Zeus answered. “Its this ‘creature’ I’ve created.”

“Well I agree, rather … interesting.”

“I made him so the Platypus wouldn’t feel quite so, well, different.”

“Okay, Zu, that’s cool! So what’s the problem bro?”

“The thing is – how he sounds! Listen, the squealgruntroarhornal sound he makes is really weird!”

“Awesome, pure masterpiece of creativity! I love it! Are you ready for breakfast, I’m starving!”



Sometimes, you just gotta wonder about these things! Hope you enjoyed, have a great day!

~ Penny

Penny L Howe

67 thoughts on “Quandary of the Gods, Friday Fictioneers

  1. Love this take on the prompt. I saw a stage drama. One of them, Hanuman (Indian mythology) had a cell phone. All the other gods forgot what they were doing and wanted one too!

  2. Wonderful! I loved this dialogue between the Gods – and you are the 1st I have read that even considered what kind of sound this creature would make, banned from the next world cup I reckon!

  3. I really enjoyed this story.
    “Hey Zu!” “Hey Po” “What’s the problem bro?”
    That’s quite a change from the usual formal Shakespearean monologue we read about and watch on TV.

  4. I love this idea – and the comparison to the platypus was hilarious. It makes you wonder what kind of animal you’d come up with if you had the chance.

  5. This is great how the two gods talk with each other…. “what’s the problem bro” … but, hey, with immortality, you get really familiar after all those years!

  6. Penny, I love the casual conversation of the gods. In the myths, they’re always rather pompous and much like small children with big powers. Glad to see them in a more relaxed state! Lots of fun!!


    • Thank you Janet, it was fun, and your description (pompous and like small children with big powers) reminds me of some I read about in the news today (unfortunately)!

    • Well I determined that in modern day “the Gods of it all” would certainly be more “kickback” and have a more indifferent attitude about their creations (or perhaps they always have, now that I think about it!) lol. Thank’s SteJ!

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