Alastairs Photo Fiction – Camouflage

It’s Alastairs Photo Fiction time. Write a flash fiction (short short story of 150 words, or less) based on a photo prompt. Shown below. To join in the creative fun, click on the link for directions. You’ll be glad you did. My offering follows.



“Sir, Private Woodly, reporting for duty, SIR!” He saluted with his remaining left limb, standing at attention.

“Which branch are you with?” The sergeant barked at the private. “And put your limb down. Something shady going on in here.”

“Sir, Yes Sir,” Private Woodly yelled. “General Plank sent me over, Sir!”

The sergeant lumbered over to the private until his face was just two inches away from Private Woodly. ” Use your soft voice, soldier, or I’ll whittle you down to size.”

The Sergeant wasn’t through. “Look at you. What’s with the gnarly dead tree look?”

“Sir, camouflage, Sir!”

“No need, if a tree falls in the forest, no one will hear it soldier.”

“But what about an ambush?”

The sound of a snapping twig had them both turning. But it was impossible to see the forest for the trees.

* * *

Thanks for stopping by, have a great Monday,

~ Penny


40 thoughts on “Alastairs Photo Fiction – Camouflage

  1. Positively brilliant. And now I realize there’s another punner in the group. Your puns were relentless. This was great fun. But now that I’ve rooted out your skills, I must leave. I’m pining for more rum.

  2. Branch, barked, General Plank and then The sergeant lumbered over to the private LOL oh Penny, this is so good. I grinned from start to finish. Your imagination knows no bounds. It’s wonderful!

  3. This was so funny. I loved it Penny. All those puns. Did any of those ten puns make me laugh? No. Because no pun in ten did.

    Hehe. Sorry, had to do it. Of course it made me laugh 😀

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