Opening doors


“Hearts are like doors,

they open with very small ‘key’ phrases like

thank you, how may I help,

And of course,

the best key of all – I love you!”

~ Penny L Howe, 2013



32 thoughts on “Opening doors

  1. Penny – Do you think it would help if we stamped your beautiful words onto the palm of every teen and young adult who goes out tonight or sits home glaring at their parents forgetting how fortunate they are to have a home and two parents. Okay – just had to get that off my chest for a dear friend of mine. I want to bang the collective heads of her 15 to 22 yr old children heads together now!!!

    • Hi Sheri, I am understanding (completely). And it is sad because the “real world” will rear itself, all on it’s own for the teens who don’t understand how well off they truly are and have been! Then realization will come crashing in and they will not be prepared for it! Sigh! xx

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