The human vessel ~ the contents within



We are human beings, carrying so many things inside ourselves as we travel along the various pathways of our lives. Each of us is a vessel. Filled with all manner of thoughts, wishes, hopes, dreams, experiences, memories. The essence that will shape us and those around us during our travels.


Each vessel has a unique shape. Yet, it is only an outer shape formed to hold the contents within. And while the outer shape of this, our human vessel, may change with the years, it is the contents of the vessel that are of importance.


Experience teaches us many things. What we decide as a result of our personal experiences will determine the nature of the contents inside – what we ultimately decide to fill our own vessels with: Courage, Empathy, Good Will, Love, Joy, Hope or Duplicity, Disappointment, Resignation, Hate, Fear, Despair, hopelessness.

While we are on this planet and alive, our vessels become a reflection of our vessel’s contents.


Most of us begin our live’s with Joy and Love. Not all, but most. I’ve found it interesting however that those who face adversity squarely in the face and emerge triumphant, bone weary often, but still a survivor, do tend to fill up their human vessel with so much love and courage that they spend much of the rest of their lives sharing these contents with others.


And I’ve found it to be inversely true. Those who have suffered disappointments but chose not to rise above their individual misfortunes, tend to go through life with their vessels harboring ill will, blame, and discontent for their own perceived shortcomings. They feel the need to bring people down to a hurtful level as indeed they themselves are feeling from the contents they’ve chosen to fill their vessels with. The appearance of their vessel may appear lovely but the contents are not.


The contents of our human vessels are so very precious. They decide our level of happiness, the joy we are capable of receiving and giving in any given day.

Be very careful how you fill your own vessel.

It’s contents are the most important thing in your life. And to the lives of those you love and who love you.


Not the appearance of the vessel that matters but what’s inside!

~ Penny


28 thoughts on “The human vessel ~ the contents within

  1. The whole human experience is to rise above our disappointments and losses… the vessel is shaped by loving hands then.

    You are one such human vessel – always happy to share and give. God bless you and your loved ones.

    • Yes the human experience is to rise above our disappointments and losses, so wisely said, mj. Thank you my friend, and you also be blessed with the rising of the sun and happiness in each of you and your family’s days. xx

  2. Wonderful message Penny. As my life has advanced, I feel my inner vessel expanding with hope, compassion, and love as I have been touched by the most remarkable people, people such as yourself Penny. Perhaps this is also why my outer vessel has expanded at times? πŸ˜‰

  3. The inside the important portion… love the photos of the containers .. beautiful… some times our containers are not always of the best.. but the contents are what matter…

  4. Totally agree with you. I love the way you say the serious thing in most simple way. I am a fan of your writing. Indeed, I am your new student. πŸ™‚

  5. I love a good amphora, the insides are always the most fascinating part of anything, especially if you don’t know that there is horse meat in the food chain…not a topical story anymore but never mind.

    Once again a post of yours makes me very happy.

  6. This reminds me so much of the film Shallow Hal. After he is hypnotised, he sees only the inner vessel. He doesn’t see what’s outside, so when he falls for Gwynneth Paltrow, he has no idea of what her outer shell looks like.

    At one point, there is a woman that gets in the car, and she has the most horrendous face. The reason is that she is pretty on the outside, but extremely bitter and twisted as a person.

    I like to think that I have a vessel that I can share good hope with.

  7. Oh, well-said! There are a few people in my orbit right now I’d like to get this across to! I love all your vessels too, especially the first, which seems more fluid than form. I’ve touched on this in the blog I’ve just written and then decided to catch up on what others are writing. Yours was the first I decided to click on. Ann

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