Perhaps …



Perhaps I wasn’t clear enough

when I slipped between the silken sheets

to nestle in the comfort of your arms (heaven).

Perhaps my sighs were too soft to be heard

as you caressed me, your strong yet gentle

hands on my body.

Perhaps I did not display my feelings strongly enough

for the arousal

your touch never failed to achieve.

Perhaps my kisses returning yours

weren’t fulsome enough in their moist firmness,

as I lost myself in the passion of the moment.

Perhaps I never let you know what I thought

… that I would die with pleasure

as with erotic playfulness you would

bring me to a blissfully sensual release.

Perhaps, as I lay in the warmth

of your embrace

in the glow of aftermath.

I didn’t whisper loud enough

“I love you”.

So perhaps you never knew

the depth of feeling

I had for you,




Oops there goes the ol’ creative muse sneaking out again,
hope you enjoyed. Passion is a good thing, it is a sadness
that too frequently things that were so perfect in the night
cannot resolve the problems of the day!
So true today, for many couples!

~ Penny

50 thoughts on “Perhaps …

  1. Then her love for him was surely missed,
    which is rather sad having shared such a
    sweetness between each other.

    In the ecstasy something was lost, and alas
    it was his failure not to realise how much she
    loved him.

    This is a very nice
    piece of writing my friend πŸ™‚

    Andro xx

    • Thanks Andro, but as the next few follow up’s show I think I’ve created a bit of a (pleasurable monster) in that the followers want more of this type of writing. About what you said however, regarding this piece, yes this was a truth, sigh! But life goes on my friend! πŸ™‚ xx

      • This happens to me too, I added some romantic scripts a while ago and everyone liked them, and asked me for more of the same.

        I hadn’t realised that this piece was a truism but I do know that where one man fails there is always a chance to feel the realness of love and passion with another. Someone special I mean, I am sorry if I am being too familiar, it is just my thoughts working overtime.

        Have a lovely rest of afternoon and evening Penny πŸ™‚

        Andro xx

          • I am enjoying your writing, to be honest I need to start exploring more than I do, as usually these days I tend to miss out on some truly excellent posts from so many of my friends. It is just not good enough, and so I will definitely try harder from now on πŸ™‚

            Mr. Naughty, aka Andro xx Just kidding

  2. I adore a well-done love poem, and this is that. The plaintive quality is so universal, I think, and yet so uniquely expressed. You are multi-faceted my dear, and i suppose that is no surprise–but it is “news” to me, and I love it. I love fleshing out my “characters”, hehe, and well, there is some flesh here…:)

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  4. Wow! This took my breath away. I’m not a poetry person (I’ve never figured out how to read poetry) but this spoke to my heart so powerfully and I read it several times. It is so beautiful. Thank you and your muse.

  5. This is fantastic, wonderful , superb. and so much truth in it. We often say things in a moment of passion and cannot say it afterwards. Being open and truthful always is the key to a good relationship……..

  6. Soooh… this is hot… Penny this had me going first thing in the morning… what a blog to start my day.. the love and intimacy of a bedroom scene… I do agree with Robyn this does call for a part two… and what is said in the bedroom can and should be practice outside as well… never a wrong time for an intimate I love you, no matter where or when…

    • Hi Bulldog, I think I’ve come up with a part two. Well I’ve written it anyway, will see if I post it. And I agree the intimacy should be of shared love and affection both day and night for a happy couple.

  7. Oh your muse has outdone herself with this one Penny ~ Brava — it’s superb …kept me hanging onto each and every word. Oh Yeah – is right — I agree with JB! Outstanding write my beloved friend ~ Perhaps we need part II! Perhaps??? xxxooo RL

    • I’ll be sure and share that information with the Muse when she returns, she’s running around with her sister muses somewhere right now. She usually knows what’s she’s talking about though! πŸ™‚ xo

  8. My mouth is wide open … as i giggle … because … I am lost in your love … Thanks for this thrilling poem …

  9. That was a bit steamy

    True though. People say things in the bedroom they either don’t mean or won’t say anywhere else even if alone. If a man (or woman) can say “I love you” in the bedroom, they should be able to say it outside of there. Not just those words though. There’s many others

    • Naw, not steamy, dreamy! Human beings are complex and a work in progress while each gender struggles to find balance and purpose in their lives, Alastair. Few get it right. Twice as complex with a partner (but worth the effort)!

      • I had written a comment but it was difficult to explain what I was trying to say and it seemed a rambly thing, so I gave up and will say that when the head are in alignment, that complexity seems to become more … easier? Less complex?

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