A Sequel ~ It Seems

By request: a passionate continuation of Perhaps

It Seems

Lost in a land where embers never die

I cannot be satiated with need of you

Unquenchable, my thirst.

It seems

when I think on things, I cannot think

I cannot speak, I cannot

do naught

but experience

sensation after sensation.


do this to me

it seems,

and I

am filled

with deliciousness,

a wanton desire that women feel.

It seems, my body is yours

it seems, my longing grows

it seems, you know my needs

it seems, you know me so

and I am lost to desire

with my need for you.

It seems

a pleasurable torment!

Satisfy me



55 thoughts on “A Sequel ~ It Seems

  1. This reminds me of one of my earlier scripts and I will add it on my Space before I leave so that you may see why I thought of it. Yours is deliciousness of course and so well written πŸ™‚

    Andro xx

  2. LOVE this — so happy you did the sequel too πŸ™‚ ~ This muse of yours is insatiable IT SEEMS!!! I Love her too πŸ™‚ ~ Outstanding write my dearest friend — I am in awe of you! x Robyn

  3. oh…the “it seems” qualifier makes this post sooOOoo…revelatory…you know? And sensuous? yesss!!! very sexy, Penny, and wow! A new configuration to the kaleidoscope view of Penny. πŸ˜‰

    • I like being a ‘new configuration to the kaleidoscope view’ of me. My first memory as a child (2 or 3) was the gift of a kaleidoscope. I’d put my eye up to it and get lost inside the myriad of ever changing prisms and shapes of color! Thank you a glorious compliment! πŸ™‚

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