Friday Fictioneers – Do the socks match?

I do look forward to Fridays, well actually Wednesdays, unless your in Australia and then it’s Thursday, anyway it’s Friday Fictioneers time! Where a wonderful group of international and talented writers take part in a writing challenge. A “flash fiction” (100 words or less) piece, based on a photo prompt. If you enjoy writing I encourage you to give this one a try. Just click on the link and the hostess, the talented Rochelle will provide all the information needed.

This weeks photo prompt is:



photo by John Nixon, copyright 2013


My Offering:

“Do the socks match?”

“Excuse me?”

“I asked if the socks matched!”

“No, I heard you. I don’t get your point of reference.”

I’m a photojournalist. After the police remove his body from your piano … player? She nods and he nods back and continues. “I’ll be doing a piece about the utterly incredible, and totally unbelievable, set of circumstances leading up to his end … in the piano … in that position!

“And the socks?” She asks, confounded.

With great wisdom, he sighs and then replies, “In life, it’s all about the little things. So do the socks match?”


(100 words) so I guess we’ll never know what the utterly incredible, totally unbelievable set of circumstances were, but we do know – the socks matched! No wait! She didn’t answer, so we can’t be sure. I guess we’ll have to use our powers of observation to deduce this. Go ahead I dare you to try not to look at the socks one more time right now!

Hope you enjoyed, thanks for stopping by, be sure and check out the other excellent flash fiction entries for this week.

~ Penny

Penny L Howe

62 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Do the socks match?

  1. i love the way he sighed with great wisdom. haha while i agree that details are extremely important, i’ll never know if the detective’s a really great one or a fool – could go either way. brilliant flash ^^

  2. Funny how one little element will trip us into the tale, right? I really liked this, and I’m hopeful that the socks did, in fact, match. It is important =)

  3. Matching socks is very important. Shoes also. My uncle turned up to a family event wearing the same style shoes – except one was navy and the other brown… The devil is in the detail!

  4. I think I would be confounded by that question, too. 🙂 But yes, details matter (just not sure about these particular details.)

    I’m confounded by how quickly the stories are coming in!! But it’s a rainy day here and I might be able to get caught up a bit. It’s fun trying, though.

    Have a great day, Penny.


  5. Can the motive behind this heinous crime be something as simple as the fact that he accidentally mix-and-matched the socks his wife and his girlfriend gave him last Christmas?

  6. This is so good… when I saw the photo I immediately thought of a piano tuner with a difference… I didn’t even look at the socks .. I wonder why?? .. Probably because I’ve been known to put on different socks without even knowing…

  7. Love it!! I come from a house where the kids love mixing up their socks….I would zone in on the socks, too, and marvel how they actually do!!! Great work, Penny.

  8. AnElephantCant always wear matching socks
    He really is not that well organised
    But he is not miffed
    He gets them as a gift
    And each morning they bring a smile to his eyes
    (from a previous blog)

    Great take, as elegantly presented as ever.

  9. Good one.

    I stared and stared. tThe socks do match. But then , it’s too obvious, and in crime, nothing is obvious.

    I wish i could click LIKE, but my LIKE button doesn’t work at the moment. Cheers !

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