Marketing (online)!


Before there were websites, before there where buildings where people sold “goods” there were open air Markets. There still are too. An open air market is a place where people come to buy needed or desired items. “Vendors” (Those with a product or service to sell.) would set up their area, (booth, specific location) arrange their products, and wait for customers to arrive.

That’s the hard part. In the marketplace, potential customers (foot traffic) will show up. Online (your website) you SONY DSChave to go get them, convince them to show up, encourage them to buy your product or service and then, make it happen (the Sale, of course)!

As people walk by an open market, Many vendors “hawk their wares” that is to say, they yell out or do something to attract the attention of the people walking by. Their purpose is to draw individuals over to them, so they can do their best to sell their products.

The word “hawking” can be used metaphorically today to describe people or businesses who aggressively promote anything for sale. Notice the words “aggressively promote”. For many (writers, artists, etc) being aggressive takes you out of your comfort area. But unless you are very aggressive with the presentation of your product/service to creative an awareness (branding) and then remember to ask for the sale, it isn’t going to happen! So before you try to sell anything, it is a very good thing to understand the nature of the “art of selling”.

  1. Know who is most likely to be interested in buying what you have to sell. (your potential customers)file0001050770636 and focus (target market) on them.
  2. You don’t need to know fancy or special terminology to understand marketing. Follow the wisdom of the successful “Vendors” in the outdoor markets.
  3. Have a specific area where people can come to view that which you’re offering for sale.
  4. If you don’t have a naturally ability to be “out there” (promote) so people notice you and your products/services, hire someone else to do that, and or have a hook (an original angle that attracts people to your location). Multi-media leads the way for getting the word out in the online world. And there are numerous online locations to “hawk your wares”, so take you time in deciding what combination of these communication connections will be of greatest value to you.
  5. Create an online identity with yourself and/or your product (branding) that people will come to recognize. It isn’t as difficult as it sounds. Stay tuned for my next marketing post!
  6. Have a “hook”. A clever angle that draws the customer to you. (yes I know I already said this, but it bears repeating to you artistic types).
  7. Understand and know you need great passion believing in yourself and your product (every day). This passion will give you the much needed ‘will power’ to be aggressive (not an “in your face” aggression – but a persistence of purpose or attitude to sell). There are many unsuccessful people with great talent. The two greatest assets for selling your product or service is persistence and determination.


In my next Marketing Basics post I’ll discuss the Art of Promotion (yourself and your product) – getting the word out there!

Thank you,

~ Penny

Penny L Howe

18 thoughts on “Marketing (online)!

  1. I came to realize that in order to stand out online I have to create a brand for myself. The way I am trying to do this is to have as many tentacles out into different areas as possible.Facebook and Twitter are for sure places I em working to be known. I also have joined some writing groups on Facebook and try to interact with all the comments from my blogs and get to know fellow bloggers.

    I also created a badge for my WIP which is a YA mystery. The brand awareness of this story is something I am already building even as i trudge through my second edit.

  2. This is wonderful!! I really need to read things such as this! Thank you! Oh, I just realized you wrote The Shy Butterfly. I bought it when it first came out. My family really loved it! Thanks again!!

  3. This is a great thing you are starting here Penny. I look forward to seeing more. As I am going into different areas now, I need all the advice I can get 🙂

  4. Great post Penny! I love studying consumer behavior and marketing principles… it’s powerful stuff. So great to read your wise insights – brings back memories of my days as president of the AMA in college. Fun times ~ x Love to you today and always, RL

    • There are so many who are attempting to sell their products online now (books,written words,art, crafts,photographs and so on) and while they know their art, marketing is a whole nuther thing. If I can make it a little bit easier for them to understand a few key elements to the process, I will be well pleased. Thank you Robyn, bestest of the bestest, much love, as always, xo

      • That is a wonderful and generous gesture Penny … and yes so valuable for the artist who is not inclined to be a “marketer” too. Terrific food for thought — you are a great wise soul!! xo RL

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