Līgo Haībun Challenge – The Circle of life


13682519091 (1)Time for a new Līgo Haībun Challenge

Last week’s standard of haībun was excellent making it difficult to choose. The Honorable mentions are:





Sarah Ann Hall

Each is well worth a visit to read. Thank you for all those who entered. 

For the specifics on how to write your own haībun, and enter the challenge, click here.

I know there are so many more great writers out there, I can’t encourage you enough to give this challenge a try. Go on, your muse is waiting for you!

This week, the prompts to choose from are either:

The Sun” or “Childhood memory of summer camps


The prompt I choose this week for my haibun offering is




We observers, arch our necks to look up at the bright sun passing over head each day. Earth rotates around the sun. As viewed from the surface of our planet, the sun appears to revolve around us.  At varying times we follow the sun’s path from the morning side of our vision to the evening side of our vision. In orbital fashion the sun informs and reminds us that we exist … just because … while nourishing, with sunshine, along the way of circular travels.

When we speak of the circle of life, we think of ecology and the delicate balance of nature (all life) on our planet. And yet in truth, when we look up to gaze on ‘our sun’ each day; life as we know it and it’s continued existence, is completely dependent upon this shining star in the sky. The circle of life is the sun, and we merely spectators waiting upon the event horizon.

shining sun above
viewing eyes of creation
the circle of life



Next week is a Ligo Haibun Special, celebrating the Ligo festival! Prizes will be given for Honourable ligo_circle_of_appreciation2Mentions! Now is definitely the time to become a part of this international group of writers,  just click on the Ligo Circle of Appreciation!

Thanks everyone, have a great weekend,
~ Penny
Penny L Howe

32 thoughts on “Līgo Haībun Challenge – The Circle of life

  1. First of all thank you very much for the recognition last week. I’ve enjoyed meeting so many wonderful writers/poets/people. And I’m learning and expanding perspective on the written word. That’s the best part! I love your thoughtful circle of life haibun. I have a vegetable garden, and so think about it often how much sun is necessary to the life of the food we eat.

    • Your most welcome, Steph. I agree with you about expanding perspective. A good thing for all writers. So true, your comment with your garden, It’s amazing how many people there are who take some of the most important things in life, for granted!

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  3. Beautifully written and so true about the sun, a perfect elixir for rejuvenating the spirit. 🙂 BTW, if one would wish to participate in this writing challenge, when is the timeframe in which the haibun would need to be submitted?

    • Thank you Celestine, I admit I went into my teaching mode, lol (Christina, my daughter, calls it my donning my robes and heading for the top of the mountain mode, ha,ha,ha) But I agree with your comment about the spiritual strength and beauty of the sun. Too many of us (as with many things) forget the sun’s ‘true’ importance. (Oops, there I go again). I hope your week has started off well for you my dear friend! 🙂 xx

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  6. Ah yes (my first visit here) the sun that has us reaching like greedy flowers for its light and life.

    I felt the warm glow of this..

  7. Beautiful dear penny — I love this post. There is something so rejuvenating about the sun and it holds so much power. Your words here are such a lovely tribute to the magnificent force of the ‘solar’ — it’s shining bright in NY today too ~ yay 🙂 x Love to you dearest friend – RL

    • I am so pleased to hear the sun shone down on you today, Robyn – Yes :)!! I agree with you about the rejuvenating powers of our wonderful sun! Lots of love, my special friend, xo

  8. You opened a fascinating topic, putting thoughts into the mind, which I think is exactly what this kind of writing should do. You are right, the sun is really the giver of life, directly – through photosynthesis for example, and vitamin D. We no longer venerate the sun like past civilisations, though in reality, if we look at drawings of Christ with the halo, and indeed many versions of the Christian cross, we do see the connection with ‘sun god’ with ‘sun rays’. Very interesting and thought-provoking.

    • Thank you. I believe, before technology or “scientific thinking” (not that I don’t actively enjoy the science of things, or perhaps it’s the discovery of things) I believe the human spirit was more “tuned” to the sun’s frequencies, as we can see on so many of the historical monuments everywhere around the planet. A loss indeed for us, this connection.

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