Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves

Curvy snowcat by Emma, copyright 2013

A very curvy Snow cat ~ shaped by Emma


As you know I don’t normally do photo challenges but this weeks WordPress Photo Challenge of curves sounded like fun. Also I wanted to submit a drawing for ‘Time out for Art’, also I wanted to write a brief post about the summer of things versus the winter of things, also Emma had asked me to showcase some of her creative work. (As if that’s ever a problem, lol).


A cartoon drawing by Emma. Having fun building a snowman in winter.


One of the things we females do extremely well, is multi-task so without further ado. My photo entry for the Weekly Photo Challenge of curves (Emma’s). The drawing, for Lisa’s of Zebra Designs and Destinations:Β Time out for art (Emma’s). Expressing herself through her art form, drawing multiple drawings per day is the norm. for her.

And I … well I sit here viewing both Emma’s creative molding of a snow cat (she loves cats), a cartoon drawing of a snowman (she makes her own cartoon videos) depicting the fun we can have in winter on even really cold days while out on the patio this morning where it’s a warm and breezy blue skied day outside!

There you go! a Challenge, a time out, some feel good feelings of sharing a young girl’s creativity and a reminder that, yes indeed, summer is just about here and celebrating the difference between the two seasons.

Here’s the Artisan herself: Emma (And yes she designed and colored the hat and shirt)!


I’m going to sip a little more coffee as I publish this, everyone have an excellent weekend!

~ Penny


30 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves

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  4. Emma’s snowman beats mine hands down
    but then children are so good at drawing πŸ™‚

    “Yes Emma, I do like your snowman” πŸ™‚


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  9. It was a surprise to see your name pop up with the photo challenge. I like it though. Love Emma’s artwork on both paper and material. A talented young girl there. A family thing methinks.

    Have a good weekend Penny

    • She whips out cartoon characters in a flash. On occasion she’ll do a serious drawing, but tends to express herself through her cartoons! Her abstracts are awesome also! Thanks Alastair you have a great one too! πŸ™‚

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