Are You Thinking Asleep?


When you think, are your thoughts busily reviewing the list of “to do’s” that aren’t done yet? Are you dwelling on things that have already happened or are happening around you now? Are you thinking “awake” or thinking “asleep”?

Our thoughts, become words, (whether stated or written) becoming actions. And more and and more of us today are thinking asleep with our actions. We go through life’s daily chores in an almost robotic type of modality where even our emotions are repetitious in nature.

We are thinking asleep. We are mostly in a response mode. We are stuck in a groove. Yes, most especially the “I have too many things to do, so I’m not sure what to do next” groove. The other popular groove that many are caught up in today is the “poor me, I have too many problems to deal with and other people don’t care” or “I’m in a strictly reactionary mode as it refers to me personally, everything else I relate to is at a distance, from a position of security.” Voicing concerns but staying uninvolved at a personal level, because that’s what’s Safe.

Well guess what? Wake up! Life is happening all around you.

When you think awake, you think a thing and then YOU ACT ON IT! Put it into affect. You stop spending time on what’s wrong with yourself and focus on what’s right. The world’s problems begin with you!

No more thinking on what your missing in life (with a myriad of excuses you give to yourself and others each day) because (here’s the biggy)


You belong to you before anything else. You came into the world and breathed in life as a single entity and you’ll depart the same way. This is a simple truth. No one’s going to crawl in the coffin with you, but I guarantee you there are many out there more than happy to help you dig your own grave, but only if …  YOU LET THEM.

The Sleeper must awaken! (always wanted to use that line)

Start by thinking awake. Look directly at what you’ve decided you haven’t been doing AND START DOING IT!

No, life isn’t safe, it’s filled with risks (going after most worthy things have risk involved.) No,  life won’t suddenly become wonderful, but it will begin to head in the direction you want it to.

Life happens whether you involve yourself in it or not. You decide how much control events will have over you. YOU DO!

When you start thinking awake a whole new world of possibilities awaken. You become energized with renewed feelings of hope and anticipation.

And you’ll be living your life to it’s fullest, not regretting in bitterness or sorrow what you didn’t do, when you could have, because you were thinking asleep !

~ Penny

Penny L Howe

28 thoughts on “Are You Thinking Asleep?

    • Hi Lauren. Doesn’t really take long to get back in the swing of things. I’m doing very well, thank you for asking. I hope you’re been enjoying your dad’s visit, take care of you, my friend! xx

  1. This is definitely a “food for thought” article, the most delicious, nutritious food one can find. I can hear the hordes pushing their chairs back to get on with life as you have awakened the sleeper in us. 🙂

  2. Do we live in awareness? Oh yes, we (I also) want it very much, but are we sure we live like that every day, every moment? Be careful with the answer. Tell me about stress on the job, with the children, tell me about relationships, about the perception of the good neighbour, about the behavior in this consumption adicted society with false needs and smooth commercials. To be ambitious and succesful is often demanding and sometimes forces us in directions wich we regret later. The good news: we are human and so after each fall we can get up again and go with our new more or less painful experience.
    To live in awewareness requires concentration. At least I am aware of that 🙂

    • Thank you Ludwig, for your very wise and insightful thoughts. What you say is true. But I do get weary of those who don’t even try to spend part of their own life exploring life but spend their days and nights complaining about what’s wrong with everything and everyone (including themselves). Since I’ve lost a handful of very close family members (including the young and unexpectedly) in the last few of years, I am all too aware of how short our time may potentially be, on this planet. I agree with you about the overly ambitious, as there are, as you pointed out, dangers in those choices too. It’s when people choose not to choose (at all) that I believe they’re “thinking asleep”. Again thank you so much my friend for your visit and comments, greatly appreciated by me! 🙂 xx

      • Penny,
        I read a book ‘The strategie of hapiness’ by Gerbert Backx, a Belgian psychiatrist. He asks to consider that no matter what, every person is on his very best in each moment of his live. (That ‘s something to think about) This is I believe the basis of the practice of compassion.
        The individual strategy to make decisions and choices, negative and positive ones is very complex and often dificult to understand.
        I am very sorry about your loss Penny.

        • Thank you Ludwig,
          Those who I can no longer physical touch are still alive and well inside my wonderful memories of them. I celebrate their lives and the time I spent with them. By nature I am happy with who I am and see so much good in each of the people I encounter, occasionally (just like all of us), I can become a bit frustrated, but hopefully because I wish for them to experience as much joy as possible, now! Thank you very much for you good wishes, I do appreciate your caring concern.


  3. Brilliant post, I ‘d rather be awake and shape my life than let it go past me while thinking asleep. There is so much to life, i choose to live and enoy it cosciously and not have regrets.
    Love to you Penny ♥

  4. I think that a lot of people slip into a state of unconsciousness letting each day slide away from them as the pessimism creeps into their lives; it is human nature I guess but positive thoughts and an optimistic view towards living helps enormously.

    You have touched upon the real concerns here, for instance some will dismiss these negatives and push through the lack of enthusiasm that confronts them with an ease of grace, while others fall quickly to the difficulties that life throws in their direction.

    It is not productive to sit down and feel sorry for oneself, instead the drive and self belief must be pushed forwards, meeting any complexities head on in order to feel at ease with one’s own thoughts. Solving predicaments builds character and gives an inner strength that lasts a lifetime.

    The alternative is to give up and become a cynic, someone that gives up at the first hurdle and loses out on the richness that is life.

    Have a really nice Sunday Penny, and be well my new friend 🙂

    Andro xx

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