What are Kittens made of?

“Kittens are really smiles, giggles,
cuddles and love,
molded into small, adorable,
soft and furry little animals
– reminding us how much better we feel when
we do those things.”

 Penny L Howe, 2013


I hope everyone has lots of the “feel good things” happen this weekend!

~ Penny


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25 thoughts on “What are Kittens made of?

  1. Awww!!!! Adorable!!!! We have two, quite big, orange and white tabby cats (both boys) and last week we have a rescue of an eight-week old kitten, Oreo. She definitely brought with her smiles and giggles 🙂

  2. My cat is three and still acting like a kitten, but then
    there is all that sleeping that they do, and snoozing is
    definitely onr of their favourite feline pleasures 🙂 🙂


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