Alastairs Photo Fiction – The time portal!

Time for the delightful writing challenge of Alastairs Photo Fiction, Alastair shares with us one of his photographs to use as a prompt for writing a flash fiction (short-short) story of no more than 150 words. Writing from a photo prompt is fun, give this one a try! Click on his link for more details.

His photograph this week is the following:

Stepping Into The Future

“A picture of a time portal?” She shook her head handing the photo back to him. “I was expecting something – I don’t know – more exciting, a dark luminous tunnel, a pathway ending in a mist.”

He smiled, “I know, completely average looking. But this is it. The portal, between the first and second set of steps. By the time you reach the second set you’re in the future, when you turn and walk back down you’re in the past again.”

“Fascinating, but how do I know you’re not just making this up.”

His smile became broader. “I anticipated your question. So I took this picture before I came. Notice the date in the lower right hand corner.”

She looked at the date in the photograph and then at him.

“You’re from my future?”

“Yes,” he said, “But I couldn’t wait any longer to be with you,

so I came early!”

(150 words)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

To enter your own flash fiction from Alastair’s photo prompt, click here to get started!

Thanks for stopping by, have a great week ahead!

~ Penny


32 thoughts on “Alastairs Photo Fiction – The time portal!

  1. This post reminds of the Stephen King book ‘11.22.63’, which I loved, as I do this post, and most everything you write (ok, EVERYTHING you write) 🙂

  2. AnElephantCant forget it’s October
    When he is last in Bethune
    He has no email
    It seems to have failed
    Back then he used the telephone for fun

    Time travel is just fascinating.
    Great story, you are quite the romantic at times!

  3. Neat idea! And I like the part about the portal being average looking. Time portals look so dramatic in the movies, so it’s fun to think of them just appearing ordinary — so faith must be had to approach it.

  4. I contemplated cutting the date out as it was wrong, I’m glad I didn’t. It gave rise to this excellent story. At first I thought it was a con. I thought he was going to charge her. After all, you walk up the stairs, and every step is a step into the future, and when you come down, it is to where you have been, hence the past 🙂 I do like yours though

  5. Sooooo Loved this Penny ~ what a fantastic theme — You created something totally amazing here as a match for Alastair’s photo prompt… I am impressed dearest friend! Love your way ~ x RL

  6. Photos as writing prompt – I used this technique . In the last half of my 3 decade + in high school history classroom to have the students learn any history was less and less important. The college bound existed, but the rest were 2-5 years below reading level and certainly writing ability as well. I would choose a picture like this(or anything from a mag with possibility) and ask for just 3 paragraphs; what is going on? how did it come about? and how will it end? Then through the course of the week I would call 8 kids every day for one on one correction and rewrite. I think it was more important than teaching history as they needed get get to some level of functional literacy for adulthood and work of some nature. I feel it was the most satisfying activity of my entire career.

    • That had to have been rewarding Carl. I taught children and adults Art (for years) – the basics of drawing and in a very similar way, when they had to connect with a skill, an observation and a process, they learned the lessons very well (as well as enjoying it). It sounds much like what you did to assist the students in acquiring a greater skill of using words through a view and perspective of a photo.

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