An Antidote for Fear, Anger and Guilt


There are some words that when understood and utilized actually activate your life’s energy flow. A proven fact. They can fortify your immune system (so you’re healthier), strengthen your resolve of things and assist you in overcoming doubt and other obstacles in your life.

file3421246505623Love – Unconditional acceptance and understanding empathy for the human condition.

Faith or Belief – The pure feeling and revelation of our relationship to creation and the infinite.

Trust – Confidence, believing in and relying on the qualities of integrity and goodness.

Gratitude – A feeling, a humble emotion of sincere and heartfelt thankfulness.

Courage – Bravery, the quality of the mind enabling one to prepare for danger even through fear.

file7241263059338Sounds good doesn’t it! Well if you’re in a store that stocks those items to purchase, you can say I’ll take one of each,  just put it on my bill!

If they came in the form of a pill, we’d pop the pills into our mouth in a heartbeat. 

Unfortunately it doesn’t work that way. There’s a little more effort on your part required. The good news is that all are readily accessible, you just need to change your mind on how you view yourself and your capabilities.

So how can you accomplish this?


The “you” who is convinced of what you can’t do, and your head full of all the reasons why.

You believe you can!

You change your ATTITUDE!

You wake up tomorrow and say “I CAN DO THIS” !

You go through each day regardless of what happens believing you can do it!


The only one stopping you is … you,

your fears, your anger and your guilt.

So there you go.

The antidote you need, yours for the doing!


Have a great week,

~ Penny

Penny L Howe

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26 thoughts on “An Antidote for Fear, Anger and Guilt

  1. We are our thoughts… and they manifest themselves in our body. Not always easy to be positive… but it’s always in our best interest to at least try. Excellent post dear Penny xxxx

  2. Definitely – It’s all about the ‘tude.
    I got it Penny – Sometimes it gets me in trouble though.
    Can you believe that? 😉
    xx 🙂 🙂 xx

  3. I think the atmosphere you pootle around in also helps to encourage this. Mansfield the town of my current location is terrible, however with blogland to help out there isn’t much excuse really, I don’t think.

  4. This is how I try to awake every day.. the problem is that doubt pill that I take every now and again that upsets the whole apple cart… then I have to sit and change gears, rearrange thoughts and get the butt in gear … but it does work…

  5. So true penny !

    Just wish i had energy to feel or dig that deep at present …
    Actually feel as though this period of dealing with my stuff is physically making me sick and depressed !

    • I think sometimes the body feels a physical sickness as the mind comes to terms with emotional issues, and just like with the flu, it can become worse during the fight for health as the healing begins. Take care of you and be gentle with yourself. xx

  6. Very true Penny. We just need to change our outlook and we can be better people. I think we have to change a lot sometimes though, and we have to remember that we’ve changed.

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