Sensual Verse ~ Of Paradise (part III)

I dwell, exist and feel ~ of paradise.

Can paradise be a feeling, or a state of mind?

Is paradise a place, born outside of time.

When and where, and how you touch

releases me –

a sensual intoxication,

seductive addictive –

your creation or

the spilling of my passion

is this the paradise I feel?


You play me, you know,

an instrument in your hands

made for your touch

it would seem.

But as you stroke and explore

the melody of my pleasure,

it seems my sweet passion

ignites your own.

I shudder with desire

And feel the paradise

I release within you,

as we share together,

these moments lost in dwelling

in the feel of paradise.


Penny L Howe, 2013


And this concludes the trilogy of sensual verse: Perhaps, It Seems and Of Paradise!

I hope you enjoyed!



57 thoughts on “Sensual Verse ~ Of Paradise (part III)

    • I know Karen, it is quite a writing challenge. Conveying the message without the use of direct and specific terminology, just sort of leading a person to a certain place where sensual emotions dwell! My goal anyway, yes it did warm up! 🙂

  1. ” seems my sweet passion
    ignites your own.” ~ ahhh this is my favorite (though I adored the whole thing)…. You are so gifted Penny – maybe you need an ongoing “seductive/sensual series” — I so enjoyed all 3 of these …
    Or maybe romance novel/trilogy? is in your future… Just fantastic work my dearest friend ~ x Robyn

    • Thank you Robyn, yes indeed I am a romantic at heart. And to me I’d rather use words that allow the imagination the opportunity to create the setting. For me (and I think most women) explicitness isn’t needed, when the emotions are already there! I’ll think on some further exploration of sensuality, although a bit of a challenge however, lol! Thank you again dearest friend of mine, xo

    • Thank you Celestine. Talk about a challenge. It is difficult to express a feeling (an emotion) that today is literally thrown in our faces (everywhere) with explicit terminology and too often a vulgarity that takes away from what the experience should really be. Well my thoughts on the subject anyway, my friend! 🙂

  2. This is a wonderful writing indeed! I really like the sense of different dimension in looking things/feelings, and with the emotion texture. However, the expression is too strong for me, like vodka, because I still like wine better I guess =).


    • I understand perfectly kc. Wine is preferable, from my reference point as well. The writing challenge is to present a sensual expression that conveys an emotion for people to connect to, within themselves, not so much to live through vicariously but to dream (perhaps) of the nature of those feelings. I sincerely appreciate your commenting here, thank you!

    • Thank you Paula, I do try to write these in a mostly universal sense, so it’s more about the feeling itself than the gender, if that makes sense to you! Naturally one’s thoughts go in a specific direction but that’s the purpose! Thanks again dear friend, hugs also to you xx

  3. What a pity it has to end… this trilogy was way too good to allow to rest without further postings… come on Penny you can do it… just adds that little spice to reading your blog…

    • OH Bulldog. It is a challenge. The expressions are those that I feel are acceptable and certainly suggestive without crossing over too much into the erotic explicitly that many would be uncomfortable with. So it can be difficult to find the right words to convey a full meaning to make a point, for you however I’ll see if I can … dear friend! Spice does make food richer to the taste! 🙂

  4. oh this is wonderful!
    and yes I enjoyed very much…Beautifully scripted on emotional waves…
    Take Care…

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