Be at rest



Be at rest

Be at peace

My child in slumber

Be at rest.

be unencumbered

my child in slumber,

All is well.


The unknown

will always be.

But you’re protected

you have me.

Be at rest

My child in slumber,

You are safe

I promise thee.

~ Penny L Howe, 2013


~ Penny


30 thoughts on “Be at rest

  1. Lovely image and such comforting words Penny. I am about to become a Gdad again any day now. i can relate to your words.

  2. Oh such a warm and nurturing tone to this! I can see the mom and grandma in you shining through here — so many sides to my Penny! 🙂 Loved your sweet poem dearest one ~ x Robyn

    • Yes, I find the ones where I really felt the protector role was with my children. I felt so helpless in so many ways during that time of my life (and alone) but very strong and brave where they were concerned! That poem was from those memories, many of them standing in the doorway watching their beautiful peaceful faces while sleeping and my determination to protect them no matter what! Thank you dearest friend, xo

  3. Beautiful & sweet!
    I love looking at sleeping babies. I loved when my kids would fall asleep in my arms. I would sit & just stare at their cute sleeping faces.
    xx 🙂 🙂 xx

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