A Very Special Līgo Haibun Challenge

A Festival of Nature!


This week the Līgo Special (The world’s largest festival of nature), takes place in Latvia, outside the capital, Riga.

Līgo, pronounced [Ligwa], is also the name of the weekly “Līgo Haibun Challenge”, and because this week coincides with the Līgo festival, This weeks challenge will be a Līgo Haibun Special Challenge.

  • This week you must choose TWO of the many wonderful photographs shown on Ye Pirate’s site, click here to view , Write a haibun that uses both of your chosen photographs/illustrations in your haibun. The two visuals can, and should ‘interact’ in your haibun.
  • Your haibun should have ‘nature’ or an aspect of nature as a general theme.
  • You are not expected to write anything about Līgo – which would be too difficult in context and stylistically.

I strongly encourage you to visit Ye Pirate and read his descriptive wording on what the judges look for when they read each of the weekly Challenge’s entries. Click here Ligo Haibun!

There were some excellent entries this past week. The honorable mentions are:

Anja – Oh Pithy Me for the mystical beauty of her haibun
Celestine – read in pleasure  for consistently writing good haibun every week
kz – the eclectic eccentric shopaholic for her unique originality and description
jules – in flashy fiction for the unique historical approach
Sarah Ann Hall for the clarity of thought
Kir – the kir corner for a nice moment in childhood

Enjoy the festival and …



… Good Luck, have as much fun writing your creative haibun as these people are having –
enjoying the festival of nature!

Click on the Līgo Haibun tab located at the top of this post for any additional questions you may have for entering this weekly Challenge.

Thanks for taking part! For those who haven’t entered yet, this is a great week to get started!

~ Penny


25 thoughts on “A Very Special Līgo Haibun Challenge

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  3. thank you so much! i feel honored. so many great haibun last week and im so glad to see that the group is growing! plenty of talented writers here 🙂

    • You are most welcome kz, your haibun are always so well written! And it is fun to see the group growing with other talented writers, very exciting! Congratulations on a well deserved honorable mention! 🙂

  4. Looking forward to glancing at the photos…Just wanted to say thanks for the honorable mention.
    My gears are already starting to turn… and I haven’t even seen the prompts yet!

    I also hope to come back to read more haibun. Cheers to all!

  5. This week’s is very challenging but I shall try. Sometimes I find the whole theme or prompts to be so foreign and I would have to research before I get a full understanding. it also makes it quite a challenge to add the African dimensions. but I guess since nature is nature, it makes it a bettter. Nice weekend, Penny 😉

    • I think so too, Celestine, congratulations on being one of the honorable mentions. I think nature is going to be a very good one for you, most especially. You have an affinity there I believe! You have a great weekend also, happy summer! 🙂

    • Hello Marina, thank you so very much! Happy, happy Summer Solstice to you also. It would be wondrous fun to be holding your hand racing through the woods in enjoyment and pleasure of nature as sister artists … so to speak! Much love to you dearest friend across the seas! xoxo

      Spare pair! :), you don’t miss much do you, lol!

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