Ligo Haibun Challenge – Nature’s child am I


There, upon thy woodland meadow, there stand I. Breathing fragrant essence of thine summer’s day. Silken blades caress my skin, the sky above, the earth below, I am one.

Glorious radiant sunshine, glowing down on me, my naked body suckles from thine nourishment. Though standing clothed in garments, I’m enveloped in array, of cloaked and warming amber ’tis thy gift you do convey. For nature’s child am I.

Forsworn as nature’s child, I was christened years ago. As nature’s child I abide, among the grassy carpet meadow, ’tis glory ’tis my own. A wreath, a crown of wildflowers bestowed upon my head. ’tis wonderment that I behold, nature’s bounty is my own.

Singing, dancing bare of feet, absorbing earthen brownness from your hallowed ground. Oh glory be your beauty, thine vision I behold. As nature’s child I welcome thee, blessing on your land. I will abide, need have no fear, I am here, e’er each long year, for I am yours, t’will always be, and as such will guard, preserving all I see, for I am nature’s child, ’tis my gift I give to thee.

child of nature
sentinel and guardian 
eternal love of life



Thank you! You can be a part of the Ligo Haibun Challenge too, Just click on the link for information on this weeks challenge, we welcome you to join us in celebrating nature with your writing skills.

~ Penny


54 thoughts on “Ligo Haibun Challenge – Nature’s child am I

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    • Thank you kz. I am a “nature’s child” in the sense that since my earliest memories I’ve wanted to live and be a part of nature (although I’ve spent time in some of the largest cities in our country) I’m never far removed from nature. It quite fills me up with the purpose of life! Again, sincere and warm thanks for your lovely compliments kz. xx

    • Thank you Steph, so much. I happen to feel that way about nature, although don’t usually speak to others in that way (of course, lol)! I greatly appreciate your kind and generous praise.

  2. Penny beautifully penned. This was my favourite excerpt – Forsworn as nature’s child, I was christened years ago. As nature’s child I abide, among the grassy carpet meadow, ’tis glory ’tis my own….. Stunning – thank you for your peacefulness.

    • Thank you Eric. I never feel far removed from nature, even in the city, which is an interesting thing because when I’m in the thick of nature, I can’t seem to get close enough! Go figure! Thanks again for your lovely words.

    • Thank you. When I lived in State College, PA (Penn State University) that was my nickname by other students and my friends, because I loved nature so much, just wanted to spend all my time there! It was easy to write because it’s pretty much how I’ve always felt. Thank you for your lovely words of praise, Celestine, greatly appreciated! 🙂 xx

  3. I will have to take a look at this challenge sometime as it offers
    an interesting change to scripting, or blogging I should say 🙂 🙂

    I think the next time I choose an alternative theme that it will be
    similar to my last as the changing of the colours regarding my font
    is proving a bigger challenge than I had expected *groan* 🙂

    Enjoy a wondrously exciting morning Penny 🙂

    Andro xx

  4. Thou hath embraced the challenge producing a script that enriches hearts and minds, it kisses upon the sweetness of the earth and entwines deliciousness through the words of thne own choosing 🙂

    Have a wonderful rest of weekend Penny 🙂

    Andro xx

  5. To me this is what makes a ‘haibun’ so special, a passage, or piece such as the one here. A delight to read but also, and crucially, very much after reading to, that little period of reflection that can in fact last a long time. This was a pearl from nature you gave us – sincerely.

    • Thank you, so very much Bulldog. I appreciate your compliment, honestly I was worried it was too, well, different. But I am a nature’s child so it wasn’t hard to put feelings into my words! Again my thanks, dear friend, xx

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