Lovin’ – go on, it’s good for you!

A follow up to my previous post! Enjoy this musical Youtube video from the movie Moulin Rouge!



Come on everyone! Love, Live, Love! And in that order, again and again and again, just fill yourself up … and those you love, with these feel good feelings! Make it a never ending supply!

p.s. – start with yourself!

~ Penny

18 thoughts on “Lovin’ – go on, it’s good for you!

  1. Ahhh, bah humbug! Love shmuv! πŸ˜€ Seriously though, nothing says love more than when your just-turned-one-year-old granddaughter leans against you when you’re sitting on the sofa and purses her lips, with her eyes closed and her little nose all crinkled up or when, for no reason at all, she throws her arms around your neck and hugs you. When that happens, there is no way you can’t feel the love!

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