The Illusive Illusion of Love … and it’s true nature!

Men fall in love with me, you know. Yes they really do. I began to notice it quite young, and had no idea of what to do with it either, or even why they felt those feelings for me, the way they did. I never saw myself as having LOVING COUPLE IN THE MOON LIGHT by Adyoothose specific type of feminine attributes that most men find alluring.

I suppose I made it easy for them to love me, though, as I loved them back with all my heart, listening attentively to each word, pleasing in any way I could be, and then waiting to be received and treated in a like manner.

And I wondered when that didn’t happen, why? Some lacking in myself, I initially thought and believed for some considerable period. I didn’t understand at the time you see.

But life moved on and so did I, and being a shy but inquisitive soul I explored life more fully and discovered women loved me too, and so did children and animals, even plants thrive around me. Even nature’s wild animals have approached me, and I have pondered the why of this also.

What is it that I project that appears to be appealing to all life forms? (on an interesting side note, there is a small handful of individuals who strongly dislike me when meeting, the hairs on the back of my neck actually stand up and I wonder about the nature of their negative vibrations – spooky that!)

Could it be that what emanates deep from within my soul, and radiates outward, that which is stronger than any other thought, feeling, emotion, sensation I may have – is my pure love of all things living.

And when I am with and around any and all life I embrace it fully. I know of no other way to approach life than by loving it. All the parts and pieces of it, shapes and sizes, actions and causations. It is the “who, that I am”!

I’ve always felt this way. As a small child, a growing youth, an adult.Β So after years of exploration and experimentation and experience, I ask the question, if all that I say be true … Is love an illusion manufactured in an overly imaginative mind, or the primeval essence of what all life is really about. Is the true nature of love far more than we mortals think it is, and are life’s experiences just varying degrees and shades of this force of nature.

I lean towards the second. I believe really living life is loving life. And because I love living, life loves my living of it – and loves me in return! So “take that” all your scholarly type psychoanalysts and sociologists and make what you will of it! When all is said and done – it works for me!

The answer to my blog’s title THE WHY ABOUT THIS – Because you are loved!!!

~ Penny

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46 thoughts on “The Illusive Illusion of Love … and it’s true nature!

    • Hello LuAnn, I was just getting set to drop you an email to see how everything is going. Hoping all is well. You’ve been on my mind! Thank you for your generous words my dear friend, much love to you! πŸ™‚ xx

      • Let’s just say it is pretty tense around here right now. I am thinking about suspending my blogging for the time. Well, it seems I have already done just that! πŸ˜‰

        • If you don’t stay in touch with me (even via email) I shall …. I don’t know what but … I’ll think of something LuAnn (See my stern face here). I get the tenseness (you have no idea -well actually you do – how well I know this tenseness, it is the main reason I was so quick to be a “be there” third person that might have some positive value for you during this period LuAnn. Okay this is too much comment here sending you an email. Please read, dear and important friend of mine! πŸ™‚ xx

          • I love you for your concern Penny and I will read your email as well. We are taking a few days away and visiting my family, a very nice change to be around kids and all the excitement that surrounds them. πŸ™‚

  1. Haha! This is why I think they fall in love with you?..You radiate love through my computer and I’m a woman who loves you, in a non gay type of way! Lol It’s you…you ozze this huge amount of love happiness and hope to all those that read your blog. Your happy upbeat and positive. That doesn’t mean you don’t have down days like the rest of us. It means you find a way to get through them with optimism. Well, this is this Aussie girls take on you! Lol I hug you and love you back….Paula xxx

    • Okay, now you’ve done it. I have to figure out a way to get over to ‘down under’ and meet you! A moral imperative! I want to meet the Aussie girl that you are! One can never have too many loving friends. Thank you for being one of mine Paula. Love and hugs to you, truly written – truly meant! Penny xoxox

  2. For those that did not respond to your affectionate and beautiful nature I can see that they have missed out on a woman that was and is a very special soul, the aura that surrounds you is something unique, and it spreads outward offering a gift of love and positive feelings that flourish inside of you.

    It is not an illusion to want love and to give it in the deliciousness of life, sometimes an emotion that is eclipsed from the hearts of those that do not understand the significance of loving in its true essence fall short of love, but for the one that gives love there is purity, and one day that loving wish will be realised and not wasted by someone that had no vision of loving and how to be loved.

    Have a lovely rest of Tuesday Penny πŸ™‚

    Andro xx

    • Thank you for such beautiful words. I know they are sincerely meant, Andro. And just so you know they made “me” feel very good inside and I thank you for those feelings also! Life is delicious, you are correct about that one! Have a restful nights sleep tonight and an excellent Wednesday! xx

      • I was just leaving for the evening / morning
        as here it is already 02:16hrs and Wednesday πŸ™‚
        Yes I did mean every word Penny, I always
        write and say exactly what I feel my sweet friend πŸ™‚

        Enjoy the remainder of your evening and be well πŸ™‚

        Andro xx

  3. This post has clarified and crystallized for me the essence of you, Penny as a human being. I have always felt that something emanating from you even when I read your posts ever since I came to know you without actually knowing what exactly it is. Now I know. Stay blessed and sweet always and continue to live life to the fullest πŸ™‚

    • Thank you Celestine. When I was a teenager I remember this day clearly, I was standing in a field of green beans (we kids would pick them for farmers in the summer to make money) I had one of my “private conversations” with the God (spiritual energy) I know and I asked why I felt so “different” and he sent me love, told me not to worry, just to always be myself, I would be led, I just had to follow and always believe, and so I have (but, oh my golly, the path is not an easy one my friend). But I do so love life and all who inhabit our planet! So I will take your wise advice and continue to live and love life to the fullest my very dear and special friend! xx

  4. So much of what you have discussed here, feels so familiar in some ways.. this is how I would have thought of you just from your blog, having never met you…. so much of what is written in posts, tells you of the other persons personality and this just describes how I have pictured you in my mind… a very loving, caring and thoughtful person…

    • Thank you Bulldog. When I write it is from my heart. I don’t think I know any other way to be. Making a positive difference in people’s lives has always been important to me. To, now, do this through written words (photographs, illustrations) online, still feels new to me, even after a year. The very best part is the people I have and am meeting, every day. Thank you for being a friend. You have become important to me, as if you were a neighbor who lived on my block (yes, we neighbors actually know each other here and care too!) I am very pleased to have you as a friend! Love to you, Penny xo

  5. Wow – I ‘d missed this post earlier today. It’s one NOT to miss! Great discussion Penny – I related so much to the way you described your own journey… my mom says I engaged the “little old ladies” on the park benches when I was 2. I think, as you allude, it’s a love of life that translates into love of everyone and everything we encounter in it. Every now and then I might get hardened, but for the most part – like you – it’s just who I am. No wonder we connected so well right from the get go! LOVE to you dearest friend of mine ~ x Robyn

    • Thank you Robyn. I knew you’d understand. Each day the love grows inside me and it is a most excellent feeling, yes, (as you, yourself know), this means it is harder to bear the suffering/death endured on this planet (I get angry then), but love always must be the solution. This we know! Love to you also dearest friend, xo

    • Hi Ivonne, I was into my thirties before I realized that (although I had quite a low opinion of myself) I did have a personal self worth and I didn’t need to run around and try to please everyone in order to gain approval (I was so hung up on that one), in fact I didn’t need someone else’s approval, at all! An immense learning (painful) curve too! So I started really doing the things that made me feel good about myself and one of those was Love, just because, not for it to be returned, not because it was necessary but just because I wanted to be the way I had always felt inside – on the outside. And then I started (finally) to take care of me … first! I hope my post was thought provoking in a good way for you, dearest friend! My most sincere love to you, xx

  6. After reading all those comments, Penny, there is nothing I can add – it’s all been said. I chuckled at your comment, so “take that” all you scholarly type psychoanalysts and sociologists because to my simple mind, they only spout psychobabble and know nothing of love; but our Penny could teach them a thing or three xx

    • Thank you Lyn. You are very gracious and kind. I am most appreciative.! Love is the easiest thing on the one hand and the hardest on the other. Have you ever noticed that? An interesting puzzle, getting all the pieces to fit so we can experience love in abundance! I mean really who doesn’t want to feel that way! Many thanks and of course much love, my friend! xo

  7. I love your tongue twister love phrase at the end, Penny, and I love this post! Thank you for sharing and spreading the love to your beloved readers, too! Sending much love and many hugs to you and take that, too! lol Seriously, though, I really loved how you expressed your thoughts on living life, loving life and life loving you! xxx

    • Thank you Lauren. We all make connections (of all kinds) during our life don’t we? The one’s we are making here online are rather special ones, I think! In fact, we are quite good for each other in that regard. Most sincere thanks, again, dear friend! Much love to you! xo

  8. it vibrates in the expression as you say about the love being watched,shared and felt. Sometimes rather than any definition ,love is just felt and realized.

    • Thank you dearest Ute. How very kind of you to say this. I consider myself very lucky to know you and am with great fulsomeness sending much love back to you also! Again most sincere thanks! xoxoxo

  9. You are loved, Penny, because you have a heart of gold. You radiate it from yourself and that comes across in your blog as well. Who you are, what you do, why you share your opinions, how you interact, it all comes across and radiates out like an aroma that enters the pores and gives us a feel-good sensation. THAT is why you are loved my friend. It is also the reason that some others don’t “get” you and your hackles go up to them. They are the opposite of you. Some of them have a heart of stone, and that radiates from them as well, so when you you both meet the two sensations battle for superiority.

    This is a great post Penny

    • Thank you very much Alastair, those are very lovely compliments my friend. And as for the hackles, I think we all experience those from time to time that’s where the saying “personality clashes” comes from I think. Each of us are unique in that sense. Each person experiences life in their own way! Variety is the spice of life! xoxo

      • They are all as I see it Penny. I agree with you about the personality clashes. I have met people before who have that “face you’d like to punch” aura hehe.
        Everybody is unique. Except me. I’m different. πŸ˜‰

  10. Whatever is in your heart (love, kindness, gentleness etc.) radiate brilliantly through you! It’s just you, what you are… It’s an honour knowing you!!
    Much love. πŸ™‚

  11. “What is it that I project that appears to be appealing to all life forms?”……….

    How much space will WordPress allow me to use to answer this?

    Love is an energy, an essence, with a life all its own. When merged with a ‘loving’ soul such as yourself, it is a match, it is a partnership with Divine, it is a marriage of sorts made in heaven that amplifies, feeds from each other, and gains momentum and generates an ever evolving brilliance. Your ‘energy’ permeates through and across any man made boundary, ie: internet, computers, walls, doors, and the like. It is a radiance that goes beyond the flesh, it is something that resides in the spirit. It is something that if we simply open our eyes and hearts, we can see that brilliance and essence of you.

    Love is only illusive if we see first and look later, when that visual acuteness is profoundly missing.

    I ‘see’ you my dear Penny. πŸ˜‰ xxx

  12. You really have something special about you penny even without knowing you you it comes out in your words really!
    Thank you for inspiration to carry on try new creative things and the gentle feeling you project !
    Lots love Lisa

  13. …”because I love living, life loves my living of it – and loves me in return” EXACTLY!!!! and I adore the “take that” part also! Not a word I can add. I can however be very happy to know you!
    πŸ™‚ + hugs + love

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