Weekly Photo Challenge – The world through your eyes



It’s all about your point of view isn’t it?

This week The WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge is The World Through Your Eyes. The interesting thing is, in life the same view looks completely different – depending on who you ask!

I took this shot from the basement. I pointed my camera lens up one of the smaller window wells that hold the day windows in the basement. Franky & Jonny (my two cats) use this window to go in and out of the house. Just before they jump out they look up at the day. On some mornings when there’s weeding to be done, this is the scene that may greet their eyes.

I showed this picture to an 18 year old young man. He thought it was a “different sort of photograph”. I shared it with someone else who wondered why I took a picture of the weeds.

I showed this photograph to a very artistic 11 year old who took one look at the photo and said “that’s beautiful!” I asked why and she said “It just is!” I asked an adult who also thought it a pretty picture and she said “my, what an interesting perspective”.

I think this is true about most things in life. The view from our eyes is always uniquely our own! I think my cat’s look up and think “freedom!” But I’m just guessing on that one!

Have a great day today,

~ Penny


52 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – The world through your eyes

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  3. I think that looking upward to such a beautiful blue sky
    is enough to make anyone’s first glimpse of the day a very
    special one 🙂 Have lots of fun this evening Penny 🙂

    Andro xx

  4. To many perspectives, I need to learn some new words, that is the word I keep heading back towards. I love the photo, so wonderful, it conjures vibrancy and a good day, the best feeling you can have.

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  7. This reminds me of the old philosophical question: “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” Our language, culture and personal experiences create meaning all the time. Yet, can we say with 100% certainty that what we see and hear is the absolute truth. As the postmodernist say, we are always creating meaning because we are always in relationship to someone or somethings else. I love that about the human species – we are always in relationship and we can choose how to see, hear, feel, think and say our world.

    Oops! Sorry for rabbiting on. Your post inspired me to think. Thanks 🙂

  8. Either that or “sick inducing plants” 😉

    I think it is a great photo because you are look UP to nature rather than down on it. To me, in this photo, nature is better than humanity, so we have to look up to it

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  10. One of those post to which I wake and wonder… what perspective am I to have today when the sun rises and the darkness fades… like looking out the window at Penny’s .. is our views always the same.? do some see the brightness of the sky and look past the weeds… or do others see the weeds and not the sky.??

    • Yes, Bulldog. It is so true. Today I was watching my daily news update on TV and in front of 11 year old Emma I said I was so very tired of hearing the news reporter’s personal opinions about the news. I just wanted her to report it. And Emma said, “Well don’t listen to that part!” So simple, so easy from a child’s open and uncomplicated mind. Perspective is everything my friend .. And I like most weeds that flower! xx

  11. Totally agree – it’s all about perspective – who you are and from where you view from. I have something in my drafts folder with a one line quote I made up mirroring this concept – and a photo of course…never used it but your post made me consider it. Loved what you revealed here – and find this all so interesting! Love to you dearest Penny ~
    x RL

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