Friday Fictioneers – The Vertigo of Change

And The Flow of Life





The Vertigo of Change

Suspended in the moment, I think “what is happening?” My emotions seem so intense, yet my balance with life so far removed from what it should be.

There is a feeling of dizziness and beneath that is this amazing rebirth I feel emerging inside me; basic, elemental and needed.

The coordinated dizziness, internal sensations of MY awakening while technology races on. I am swept up in a matrix of life’s design. I marvel from one heartbeat to the next at who I am and what I will be.

If I can just find my balance, the future is waiting for me.


snapshot_20120707_45Each week talented writers from around the world sit down to write. Friday Fictioneers offers a wonderful opportunity to explore your writing skills, by using a photo prompt to write a “flash fiction” (100 words or less). The talented Rochelle is your hostess. Click on the link for more information and to join in the fun. You are most welcome and encouraged to join!

Have an excellent day today!

~ Penny

62 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – The Vertigo of Change

  1. the descriptions are perfect. i’d feel like this from time to time. you managed to capture those feelings and pack them up into this one special piece.

  2. As someone who experiences vertigo – and equilibrium loss (and loved getting dizzy as a kid in a fun way) – this was very near to my heart…. if I can just find my balance – yes!! Love x RL

    • Hello Robyn. For me (as a child, and less as an adult) it was extreme motion sickness). One must wonder about all the various connections up there in our brain that creates both the physical and the mental things that happen to us! Balance indeed! You’re maintaining of balance (in life) is amazing to me, my very dearest friend! Much love to you, xo

    • Hello Arindam, thank you my friend. Some days are very balanced and others, not so, but it is the challenges of those days that present opportunities for improving the balance in my life! πŸ™‚ xx

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