Part II – Hidden from view

Taking a second look!


When you’re raised to believe a thing it can become so deeply embedded that you can go through life convinced that what you’ve been told is true. Even when its negative, and makes you feel like you file00093066100are less than you should be.

Even when you grow up and question it, you can still be convinced that you are not worthy.Β That bad things should happen to you. That you deserve them.

Stop just a minute, and consider this. When we are born. We all enter this life and take our first breath as a human being. Every single one of us. A truth!Β No difference, no one greater than … no one lesser than.

If you are born with physical or mental disabilities these must be addressed, but you are still not lesser than or greater (as a living being) than any other person on the planet. A truth!

It is through environmental and human conditioning (by others) while you’re a child, (and for many, this can continue on through life) that determine how you feel about yourself. And here’s another big truth for you.

THERE IS NOTHING YOU NEED TO CHANGE ABOUT THE “YOU” THAT YOU ARE INSIDE! Don’t feel bad DSC047800because you’re not what other’s think you should be. Your “you” and that’s enough. You should feel good about that person, not what anyone, or any organization, or any belief system has decided you should be, that isn’t who you are.

If you want to do something for yourself to improve a skill, a talent, your education, your appearance, Do these things because you want to do them, not because you believe you “have to” to be okay as a human being! Self improvement is a wonderful thing, But you’re in charge of that too.

Each person on the planet is unique onto his or herself. They are made that way. It doesn’t matter their shape, size, color, gender, background, beliefs, cultural differences. They are all human beings – equal in that sense!

Now it’s time for that second look.

Do you realize how capable you really are?Β You start by believing the truth and you do that by believing in yourself. Your uniqueness. Your self-worth. No one has the right to take that from you. It belongs to you. And only you. The next step, well that’s up to you! It won’t be easy, but I believe you can do it. You’re you after all!

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~ Penny


32 thoughts on “Part II – Hidden from view

  1. As I read your posts I find myself wondering how many beautiful souls you have touched with your words of encouragement. Thanks for the beautiful gift of you Penny. πŸ™‚

  2. Gloria Gaynor, sang it
    I am what I am
    I don’t want praise I don’t want pity
    I bang my own drum
    Some think it’s noise I think it’s pretty
    And so what if I love each sparkle and each bangle
    Why not try to see things from a different angle
    Your life is a shame
    Do you can shout out I am what I am
    Do you can shout out I am what I am

  3. Written perfectly whet I think too. You are you and I am I , we are both unique, individuals and wonderful, we both deserve the best as everybody else. Every one should believe this.

  4. Wonderful post Penny… Roxi’s had a similar sentiment today ~ we must all be vibrating together here in the blogsphere! So much Love and thank you for always teaching and informing our souls here ! x RL

    • Yes, she posted and then saw mine and headed over to let me know what we were writing at about the same moment in time. Too funny, but as you say all that vibrating energy is being passed around to kindred souls. Love it. And you, my very very dearest kindred soul (just so you know). Thank you Robyn. xoxo

      ps – Please send me lots of positive energy for the coming week. Gearing up here for an huge heatwave (supposed to be 109 degrees on Monday) But it starts tomorrow and will stay over 100 degrees for the next 7 days, Yuck. We’re securing our home and then will begin the neighborhood watch for the elderly or those with children, without air conditioning. I’ll probably do a post to help inform those who live on the Western side of our country. I know in some states it’s going to be even hotter than that! I know the weather is being nasty on your end of the country too, only in a different way! (sorry a bit chatty here my friend)! 😦

      • will most definitely say some positive energy prayers for you and your Penny.. Gosh 109 – that is hugely hot – and if you loose power … so crazy. I hope it won’t be as predicted and much more mild 😦 Keep us posted – k? I will keep you in heart — here – just icky sticky rain stuff I think… kids are coming in for the weekend – hoping to be able to enjoy them – haven’t seen big girl since January! xo Love to you sweet friend ~ x RL

        • Thank you for your energy and prayers Robyn (you and I both know it makes a positive difference). We are (because of life experiences) very proactive here. I am concerned about a power outage as the heat wave covers such a large geographic area, the grid system could well become overwhelmed…fingers crossed! πŸ™‚

          You have tons of fun with the kids, and tons more! Much love, xo

  5. Can you come live with me? LMAO Seriously, you are beautiful, intelligent, witty and you fill us with love, hope and inspiration! I loved loved loved this positive message. I hope your having a great day! Hugs to you…Paula xxxx

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