Don’t Go ‘There’ With Me …

I’ve Been There And I Made it Back!

My Female Voice

To clarify a few points at the beginning. I had another post ready to publish but after a few back and forth comments with a blogger friend earlier today, I decided to write this post instead.

There is a political issue rearing it’s ugly head (if it has to do with politics, sadly, too often it’s ugly) again and I’ve had it up to here! For those who follow my blog, you all know how much I love and revere life. Having said that I also believe that no one has the right to tell me what I should do with my own body. Most especially any person, organization or politician that doesn’t have a clue of what being a female is all about!

This is not a rant! This is My “Female Voice” speaking loud and clear so no one misunderstands any word I say or anything I mean. I am a female, born from a female who nurtured me. Raised by my mother and my father (both) I was raised with a set of values that have served me well. I have made mistakes, errors of judgements and some downright boneheaded and thoughtless decisions in my life. So I am as human as the next person and capable of errors.

However, there is one thing I am consistently 100% of the time! I am an adult female. And I have the right as a human being to decide what is good for my own body, mind and self. I have that right. Me. I do. And my gender should at no time be considered a reason for not being treated equal to or less than anyone else, EVER!

I’ve endured much in my life simply because I was born a female. What’s wrong with this picture? Women are the nurturers of the planet. The peace makers, the comforters, the supporters, the backbone of most societies.

Rape, yes been there and made it back. Abuse, yes been there and made it back. Discrimination in the workforce, been there and made it back. Political and Professional discrimination based on my gender, been there and made it back. I would fall and get up, again and again, and again.

I am a female and as capable as any other living being on this planet! So don’t go there with what I (as a female) can or cannot do, should or should not be, because I am a female. The issue being referred to is about freedom and choice, regardless of gender!

I raised my children almost completely on my own as a single mom! I know (first hand) the hardships that many hundreds of millions of women struggle with today. Both the single and married, with children including those suffering from illness and poverty; taking care of aging parents and at the very last taking care of themselves, juggling with an overload of things that they (females) feel a strong sense of responsibility to do.

And don’t even tell me about the few women who don’t, because the females who are responsible, care and do all they can do “in spite of their circumstances” vastly outweigh those who don’t. So don’t go there either!

This is my voice! Can you hear me?

Don’t go there with me ANY MORE! I’ve already been there and won’t be going back!

~ Penny L Howe, 2013

44 thoughts on “Don’t Go ‘There’ With Me …

  1. I know this. When I realised I’m pregnant for two weeks and go for job interview, I will know that the company won’t hire me 😦

    On 28-Jun-2013, at 1:36 PM, TheWhyAboutThis wrote:

    > >

  2. I love that you are a voice for so many and particularly for women. You say what so many women feel and what has always been true. Women around the world must stand up and live this truth! Well done!

  3. Very well said! I have seen this Texas thing on and Planned Parenthood emails that I receive. I have been a supporter of women’s rights since I was old enough to vote (even before), but I am not a feminist by some definitions. I love being a woman and I am very proud to be a woman, and I am a nurse which has long been a female dominated profession, but I love my roles as caregiver, mother nurturer, wife. I definitely don’t see myself as the “weaker” sex, quite the opposite actually. I am a “survivor” of many atrocities at the hands of men, but I am not a “victim”. No woman should be.

  4. I think anyone who’s made it to at least age 30 has been through a lot in life. But, we never know what other people have endured, unless we sit down and talk with them about it. That’s why it’s so important not to judge someone because they said or did something different or odd. You just never know.

    • Shoulder to shoulder is an excellent way to be Ruth. This isn’t about men being better than women or women being better than men and I know you agree with that. It’s about a basic understanding that will expand our (all humans) abilities to survive and thrive in the future! A good thing for all. Not a battle of the sexes but an understanding of how good we all can be for one another! Thank you! xx

  5. It really believe”in the beginning” male feared female because he recognized how powerful she was… so he made up this whole business of “weaker sex” — women are amazing beyond belief…if given the freedom and respect to make things happen in our world, they can achieve everything their male counterparts can +++ . One day this will be validated – but until then, I ‘m grateful to have ‘sisters’ like you who have a strong voice and use it! Go Penny! x much love, RL

    • Thanks Robyn. You’re right, and what a sadness because as a team (men and women), what might be awesomely accomplished to improve the human condition (and all life) on our amazing planet dearest friend, much love to you, xo

      • I agree about the concept of “team” very much Penny. I love men! Hope I didn’t sound like a feminist above… I really do thing there is a polarity between men and women that is the MOST powerful force of all… The sexes are different – and they compliment one another..if only we could eliminate the power-struggles that so often exist and recognize the beauty in the dynamic of polarity between the sexes that is a fantastic one — will keep putting my wishes out to the universe and I know you will do the same! Love to you dearest friend ~ x R

  6. Whatever others say I love you and admire you Penny. I have had an easy life compared to you. I do totally understand that we all have our views of different things. As I have mine, about my world, my body, my children, even if yours is different, I respect that. Men and women are very different and cannot really be compared. Gender should not really make a difference to anything. I am very proud to be a woman, and you are a very strong woman!

    • Thanks Ute. I was responding to a political thing going on in the state of Texas right now. A friend there (female) is very concerned about the Governor and some other political types wanting to take away some of a woman’s rights. That was me speaking out about it! We each have our life experiences. I summed up mine, so everyone would understand that I knew what i was speaking of for the need to insure that “women” have equal rights as human beings! You’re right “gender should not enter the picture! Much love to you, Enjoy your meeting and time with another loving person, just like you. xx

    • Thank you Len, in this case I am perfectly comfortable being the “Voice” to what is clearly obvious to any with a thinking brain. It’s never been about ‘being viewed as equal’ .. but control and power! The value of women is of course equal to the value of men. Thanks for the reblog my dear friend!

  7. I agree with you Penny. It is well past time to acknowledge the ‘Female Voice’. You are right that society does discriminate against women in so many ways. That you are able to voice your opinions is a wonderful thing. So many women in society are held back, afraid to speak out for fear of being labeled something they are not and never have been. You have a very strong case in saying you are not going back to a place where you were put upon and made in some cases a second class citizen. Women have long been the nurturers in our community, they have brought with them respectability but have for a long time found a double edged sword in that their actions are seen as proactive and at the same time undermining of a society men have so long promulgated as their own. Stand tall Penny, I like what you have to say.

  8. The problem is, people still see women as the weaker sex. Billie Jean King has just released a film which dates back to her Battle of the Sexes tennis match against Bobby Rigg in 1973 (it was on TV yesterday) and how the women are still told what to do.

    As a man (well, a male) I see the way that women are treated and it saddens me. Emily Pankhurst died for equality, King vs Riggs for Equality. Thatcher – Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi, Hillary Clinton, Oprah WInfrey, all have proved that a woman is just as good as a man. It’s about time they were treated as such.

    • The problem Alastair, my friend – is that women never were the ‘weaker’ sex. A male dominated society thinks in a male dominated manner, hence – male domination. Hence the need for power. Hence – violence! Hence – wars! Hence – abuse! And so on. Correct me if I’m wrong on any of these things! As you said, check out history! Women need to be treated as women and men need to be treated as men. It isn’t about the fact that women are as good as men. It’s that it’s an issue at all. History proves the ridiculousness of the whole “weakness” thing. It’s always been about power and control, not equality! Thank you for your words of support! xx

        • No apologies needed dear friend. You did not pick up the wrong end of the stick. The whole planet has gotten the philosophy of the thing wrong, (including many women, buying into the whole weaker than … thing). Of course we’re not weaker, look at what women have accomplished in history (behind the scenes) and are still doing today. It’s a mixed up mind set that has to be straightened out. I do appreciative your support, very much Alastair! xo

  9. Hear, hear! I echo your statement, and what a strong and beautiful statement it is, and will share it with as many people as I can. Your life’s experience is so like mine that you could be writing about me. So, good onya for speaking up and out – we need more voices like yours. Thank you. xx

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