Beauty – in thought, word and deed

What is beautiful to you?

How do you experience beauty?

What is the sensation within you, when beholding beauty?

One of the most wonderful things about being human

is our ability to experience – the beauty of things.

Those most wonderful sights, sounds, touches, fragrances,

and tastes of our experiences, thoughts and memories.

All revolving around our perception of beauty.

“The most beautiful thing I can think of today – is TODAY!”


today 3

My share for the week! Please take this with you

if you’d like! No copyright restrictions, my drawing and words

Given with love, Penny

59 thoughts on “Beauty – in thought, word and deed

  1. Beauty is all around us in everything we see… one must just look hard enough and the beauty even of the ugly will shine through… how often does one hear the words.?..”That is so ugly, its beautiful”

  2. The real magic reside in little things, inside us & in today we just need those eyes which can see these magic. As always inspiring and heart warming words ma’am.
    Love U for that ❀

    • I agree, totally Roxi, How’s the weather doing there? We lost power here last night, came back on for about an hour and then went off again until about 10 minutes ago and it’s getting hot up here, hope it’s better in Portland! πŸ™‚ xoxo

      • Tt’s 81 right now supposed to hit 89 later today and 92 tomorrow (sun), 98 (mon), 99 (tues)…. YIKES! However… spoke to relative in Vegas this morning and it’s hitting 113 today and 117 tomorrow……….. so I’m not complaining much LOL. I can NOT believe I used to live in Vegas and lived to tell about it. LOL

        hugggs… stay cool!

  3. I see so many beautiful things when I look through my lens. Whether it is a plant blowing in the wind, a spider in it’s web, a bird flying, trees, couples walking, bees, wasps (yes they can be beautiful – you taught me that Penny), cats. There is beauty everywhere I look through my lens. So much so, that I can see it without my lens now as well

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