Ligo Haibun Challenge ~ The Monsoon Comes

Welcome to the weekly Ligo Haibun Challenge. To view the honourable mentions from last week’s Challenge, scroll to the bottom. You will also find more information on how to enter.

The prompts this week are:

Monsoon or Haze


For my haibun entry this week I have chosen the word: Monsoon

The Monsoon comes

His boat touched sandy bottom. Breathing huge gulps of salty wet air, he tugged on the small boat; still fighting the torrential winds, rain, and his exhaustion. Pulling his boat up a little further from the waves he fell onto the soaked sand, rain continuing to pummel his body.

He had almost been claimed by the sea. So very close. The ocean becoming vast, looming over him with deep and rolling waves. The shoreline, far away. Lost and alone in his boat he knew he was too far from shore. Proud. His pride in his boat, the carvings his own. So he had strayed and stayed, out on the ocean – too long.

The struggle, intense. Ocean waves pouring down, tumbling him and his boat over and under the monster waves, his now insignificant and small boat.  But he had a hand hold and held on to the edge of his boat, swimming through the roiling waters pushing himself and his boat in the direction of the shore. He swallowed so much of the ocean, his body was bruised and he lay next to his boat, staring at the carvings, as the monsoon swept over him. He had survived.

the monsoon comes
torrential rains, changing winds
unforgiving of life


The Honorable Mentions for last week’s Haibun Special Challenge are:

Celestine, of Reading Pleasure

Eric, of Peripatetic Eric

Penny, of The Why About This

Thank you, Celestine and Eric for your haibuns. They were both excellently written. Click on their name to read their entries. It was very difficult for the judges to chose from so many quality submissions this week and with much reluctance I allowed myself to be overruled and picked as one of the honorable mentions by the other judges. I am honored to be included along with the others.  

To me, writing a haibun is a personal challenge and I would, at this time, like to extend an invitation to all those who enjoy writing, to join us and become a part of our Haibun community. We welcome your creative talents.

For more information on how to enter click here or go to the tab marked Ligo Haibun at the top of my blog. Your entry should be submitted prior to next Friday, 

Thanks for your visit, have an wonderful weekend!

~ Penny

Penny L Howe

42 thoughts on “Ligo Haibun Challenge ~ The Monsoon Comes

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  2. This haibun came in and went, like it was supposed to, in waves. – the haibun here just flow naturally.I liked the personal experience of your haibun last week, and missed the writer’s presence here, but as always, wonderful writing!

  3. My first visit here, Penny. Your writing is inspiring. The story drew me in and the haiku was the perfect finish. Maureen

    • Hi, I just sat down at my computer for a quick few minutes, (doing family things today, outside) and I caught your comment here! Thank you Maureen. I’ll be over to visit you soon, thanks so much for the visit and lovely compliment! Happy 4th of July! 🙂

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  5. Unforgiving indeed. We are on our own in the wilderness. I love the image of the carvings, that he had crafted the boat himself. And it had carried him through. Lovely writing. And I’m glad the judges overruled you last week. Your entry very much deserved recognition. 🙂

  6. Nature, monsoons and tsunamis do not have eyes or ears. Some believe no heart either when loss adds up. That weather only seems to roar and swallow, maybe spitting out a few bones stuck between their teeth. Those who do survive garner new perspecitive.

    A nail bitter. Full of suspence, and hope too.

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