A Rainbow of Possibilities

Did you know that life holds
a rainbow of possibilities,
just by changing the way we view things.


Everyone loves rainbows!
When you look upward into the sky and
you see all these gorgeous colors together,
each distinct and yet somehow blending
from one into another it becomes
So very beautiful.


We feel hopeful, the colorful rainbow appears
after the storm has past, bringing a sense of renewal.
An uplifting feeling.


So here’s my thought for the day.
WE: Humanity, all of us,
are like a rainbow.
We present the hope and possibility for the future.
We are a rich mixture of many elements.


and when we come together
we become a rainbow of diversity.
Just imagine the feeling we would create
if we all worked and loved together!
Now that would be the most beautiful rainbow
ever imagined …
… wouldn’t it?

Thanks for stopping by, have a great day,

~ Penny

Penny L Howe


33 thoughts on “A Rainbow of Possibilities

  1. In theory this sounds awesome,
    but unfortunately there are too many
    pessimists these days, though I am
    pleased to say that I am not one 🙂

    Group Hug Everyone 🙂
    Well I only said…

    Andro xxx

    • Yes there are. That’s why there are people like you and I out there. to offset the pessimists! I work most diligently at the offsetting part! 🙂

      Yay, I love group hugs, thank you Andro xo

    • Thank you Stefan, and for stopping by. Right now we are having a heat wave, it was 106 degrees yesterday, so just trying to stay cool here my friend! Much love to you, Penny xx

  2. It should would, Penny! Loved your post. Do you want a cup of tea? I’m about to go downstairs and make one. Actually maybe you prefer coffee like Alastair? Lol I shall send you both one! 🙂 Hugs Paula xxxxx

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