Going Banana’s – Updated

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAbout a year ago I wrote about bananas. A post about the “fruit” of it all – The Banana! One of my favorite fruits, simply yummy and delicious!

We eat more bananas in the United States than apples and oranges combined. In some parts of the world, bananas keep millions of people alive.

Although extremely popular, the banana is mysterious; nobody knows how they evolved or from where they originated. Entire Central American nations have been said to rise and fall over the banana.

There are very real concerns about whether the banana of today will survive. As the result of commercial enterprise the (Cavandish) banana with its very own specific reproductive system, is now a genetic duplicate of the next, and highly susceptible to the same blights. Today’s yellow banana is increasingly threatened and there is as yet no cure.

Scientists are focusing on banana varieties still found in nature. Wild bananas can still reproduce by seeds andbanana's by copyright by nick b are constantly confronted with fungi. I stay hopeful researchers will discover resistance genes that can be transferred to the now seedless varieties. (A return to a more natural approach might be a good idea.).

And Bananas are very, very good for you. Rich in nutrients, vitamins, minerals and fiber – A source of energy. They help people suffering from anemia, can help in reducing high blood pressure and preventing bone loss by lessening the damage done by foods containing high levels of sodium/salts (found in the typical modern American diet). They can also help to balance blood-glucose levels and reduce mood swings.

Bananas are excellent for those suffering with ulcers. They can help lower gastric juice levels and build a protective coating in the stomach and in reducing heartburn symptoms. Bananas contain tryptophan, serotonin and norepinephrine which can lessen depression and also help a person to relax.

just-bananasThe B vitamins found in bananas help calm and soothe the nervous system, vitamin B6 in particular which can reduce the symptoms of irritability and sleeplessness.

Bananas help to lessen cravings for sugar and other sweet snacks. They are helpful in preventing age-related macular degeneration and strokes.

Even the peels serve a few useful purposes. They make a great fertilizer in the garden, especially for roses. Bury a few peels near the bush, and the peels will normally cause the roses to thrive. Pimples can be dried out naturally by rubbing the inside of the banana peel on the affected area on the skin.

As for me I try to include a banana in my daily protein smoothy. But what I really love is Banana Ice Cream. And the exciting thing is it’s made entirely from bananas – nothing else.


Save up those bananas that are beginning to be not quite but almost too ripe to eat. And/or just use fresh ones. Peelbanana-ice-cream-1 the bananas, cut into small bite size pieces place on a tray and freeze. Once frozen I put the frozen pieces in baggies and keep them in the freezer until ready to use. When your ready to make banana ice cream you:

  • Remove frozen bananas from the freezer (2 or 3 per person
  • place the banana pieces in a powerful blender or mixer
  • Blend
  • Add only a few pieces at a time

This does take a while.

banana-ice-cream-2There is enough fat in the banana and water that has been frozen in the bananas along with the natural sugar that by blending it long enough you end up with “Banana Ice Cream”.

If you like bananas you’ll love this healthy treat! The taste is so incredibly ice coldbanana-ice-cream-3 creamy and yummy, it really is banana ice cream!

Give it a try, good for you and so delicious! Great for a hot summer day! It was 106 degrees here yesterday. Will be 104 today. Stay Cool and thanks for stopping by,


Penny L Howe

53 thoughts on “Going Banana’s – Updated

  1. the problem with bananas disease and survival, is the Genetic modifications that these poor plants have been exposed to in the past, as well as present… but I do not want to go into that as my hair normally stands on end when I discuss these things… but suffice it to say, mankind is killing their own natural plants whilst trying to play God with GMO’s…

      • I don’t know why the scientist went away from the old system of grafting and cross pollination methods to create stronger and better producing plants… why they had to go GMO that is just creating health problems (cancer) creating super weeds and super diseases I don’t know… but then man does want to kill the planet…

  2. WOW – I will have to try that! Sounds easy enough & I think the kids will love it! Maybe I will too.

    I eat a banana every weekday with my morning breakfast. I’m not a huge fan of them. But – like you mentioned – they are good for all sort of reasons & some of what you mentioned is why I eat them.
    xx 🙂 🙂 xx

  3. I certainly like the banana ice cream mention Penny and yes I know about the goodness that this fruit offers, they are a rich in potassium too, which is necessary for any healthy diet 🙂 I once added a script on the evolutionary traits of bananas and I was branded as adding racism by some passersby, of course I can see the joviality of their ignorance but to apply racism on the strength of a banana posting is bordering on the ridiculous 😦

    Anyway I didn’t remove the posting and it was incredibly popular, more so because of a silly interaction that should never have arisen. Ahhh well that’s blogging for you, one never knows what will trigger a flaming from twisted individuals with bizarre notions 🙂 lmao

    Have a wonderful rest of Tuesday Penny and
    thank you for adding such an interesting posting 🙂

    Andro xxx

    • Racism, okay, well that’s a reach and a half and another reach and a half. I’m sure there’s logic in there somewhere, well probably not, now that I think about it, but very interesting though! 🙂 My pleasure to share something interesting and of value! Thanks Andro xoxo

  4. Having been a life-long fan of the banana, I do hope they find a way to keep banana plants healthy and thriving. It’s great to read your wonderful report card on how nutritious they are! Good thing as I have been eating them since a very early age…
    Frozen bananas are also a great addition to fruit and veggie smoothies. You can also make banana ice cream and add other flavors, that blend well.

  5. Very interesting indeed, I love bananas and they give you instant energy and it is such an amazing plant really, growing upside down. … or is it us holding it upside down???? In any case it tastes well from both ends…. 🙂

  6. Wow. Never expect that. When I was young, I had anemia. Though maybe no more anemia, sometimes my blood pressure may grow low. Thank you for sharing this info, Penny, and I love your photo. Full of smiles 🙂

  7. I have to buy 21 bananas a week in my household — one per day X 3 people. Not forgetting that each of us must donate a small end of banana to a certain Labrador.

    Once, after I’d suffered from nerves in a classical guitar exam, the examiner told me that she always ate bananas for performance nerves. Despite my nerves on that occasion, I was only three marks off a distinction. So, yes, I have followed that examiner’s advice ever since, and can vouch for the fact that bananas are calming. They also are the only fruit that doesn’t give my husband indigestion.

    I didn’t know about the blight and them being a “threatened” fruit. That’s most worrying D:

    • Hi Sarah, thanks for your additional “healthy” food info. I’m glad they were helpful for your performance nerves. And the international conglomerates (industries) are not being very informative about this problem, but it is real and it is scary too. I’m hopeful for a more natural solution to the problem! 🙂 xx

  8. Since your post last year, when I mentioned that I didn’t like bananas, I have been eating a lot more of them. Can’t believe I’ve been reading your blog for a year.

  9. Fascinating and versatile fruit…what puzzles me is when you chew chewing gum, once the flavour has gone, why does it taste of banana? It’s fascinating about the origins surrounded in a tantalising mystery…it makes the fruit seem more magical, I may have to start liking them at this rate. Keep cool, or as cool as you can..use your banana skin as a handy hat to keep you in the shade.

  10. I remember that post!!! Love bananas …. Did you ever mix with berries for your ice cream concoction!? I hope they ne ver become extinct! Perfect heathy treat! Love to you Penny….is it really 104 ?! Keep your head wet ! X💙

    • Yup, I’ve tried a whole bunch of different combo’s too, Robyn. raspberrys and blueberries with bananas were wonderful! 🙂
      Yesterday it got to 106, today we’re hoping for nothing more than 104. Yes it is hot! Much love to you dearest friend! Wet head, a good idea! lol xo

      • yes – in our serious heat waves – the cold drenched hair helps the most I find (and air conditioning of course – you have right?) — but to go out – wet the head — stay cool – make lots of banana ice cream! – i will keep you in heart and prayer ~ xo

        • Thanks Robyn will keep the wet head in mind (and ice cream of course) and YES we have central air (we bow down to it and give thanks everyday) unless the power grid fails in the Northwest – hope not! xo

  11. Just my luck that I am allergic to bananas, but I’ll definitely be making the ice-cream for my grandchildren.

    Hope you can keep cool in the 104 degree heat. 🙂

    • I’m working on it. We have lots of animals here, both dogs and cats who keep looking at me like “would you mind turning the temperature down, outside”. Of course they are all staying inside (central air – thank goodness, as long as the power grid holds up, we lost power for half a day a few days ago) Thanks for you good wishes my friend! xx

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