The Coffee Dreamers

You know who you are.

Go ahead! Have another cup of java. Bring the rim of the coffee cup to your lips and indulge in the delicious, exotic, intoxicating passions of your dreams while sipping on your steaming hot roasted aromatic cup of coffee!

And if I might recomment to you: Click on this link hereΒ The Last BrewΒ to savour the same delicious sensation from words and click here The Caffeine Chronicles to fully inhale artistry at its finest. Christina from Recontructing Christina reading two of My Pretzel Logic’s beautiful compositions embracing the love of coffee, as a part of life and love’s rich experiences.

And when you’re done, come and share a cup with me, and perhaps a dream … or two.

Let’s taste the many flavors that enhance our sensual experience with Coffee!

For the dreams of tea drinkers, yours are no less romantic. I embrace your dreams as well, and would love to share flavourful sips with you also.

Dream Delicious Coffee (or tea) Dreams tonight,

~ Penny

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27 thoughts on “The Coffee Dreamers

  1. It’s tough to keep up coffee wise at your place…I have had some crazy fever dreams that I will share with you one day though. I will bring tea as well, something nice and exotic to tickle the taste buds.

  2. I love the smell of coffee in the morning, but I doesn’t like to drink it πŸ˜‰ But you seem like a coffee lover!

  3. I start my day with a tasteful italian espresso. The good feeling I have with the smell of coffee goes back to the sundaymornings during my childhood. Aromatic arabica, buttercakes and classical music. And as a child, I thouhgt this would be for ever. Well… in a sens, it is. The only difference: buttercakes replaced by cornflakes. And me? Still a child πŸ˜‰

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