Wouldn’t it be nice …



Wouldn’t it be nice … if the first thing in the morning, you woke to (what to you) would be a wonderful awakening? Whatever you determine that might be! A loving individual giving you a cheerful good morning, someone to joyfully lend a hand to your morning (hectic) activities needing to be accomplished. Something in nature or your life that simply welcomes you in a joyous way to the new day.

And wouldn’t it also be nice if the last thing at night before you closed your eyes and slept, you received those same joyful feelings? Because someone or something occurred that suddenly made your whole day seem worthwhile. And more important; maybe helped you to sleep a little better, not be so stressed out about things and wake in the morning, looking forward to your new day.

Wouldn’t it be nice?

Soooooo. Stop reading (unless you just woke up or are getting ready to go to bed) and then come back and finish this post then!


Although I’m not there

in person.

And cannot reach out and touch you,

 sooth your tired spirit

and comfort your weary soul.

Nor can I physically

reach out and hold your hand,

squeezing with affection.

I cannot look deeply into your eyes

and convince you of your worth and value

to this life we share of, on our planet.

However …

… I can and do remind you of

how unique and special you

are to me, and important.

I can send you love across the miles

with a wish of well-being for you on this day.

You are not alone,

you are loved.




Have the best weekend you can have!

43 thoughts on “Wouldn’t it be nice …

  1. It would be nice, Penny, and thank you for your very thoughtful and “nice” words, even though it’s in the middle of the afternoon. I’m not just waking up and it’s not bedtime, yet, but this is a good read anytime of day! Many hugs to you!

  2. I must start reading what I write before clicking
    ‘Post Comment’, it should be ‘attaching’, not ‘attach’…

    My grammar is suffering this evening I fear 😦

    Andro xxx

  3. Sharing those lovely thoughts add sweetness to mornings attach pleasurable moments throughout the daylight hours, kisses and sweet cuddles of an evening melt tensions of the day with inner warmth, touching upon the source of happiness and contentment that soar in mind and heart.

    Into the night there is the satisfaction of life entering a new phase, where thoughts are transformed into streams of energy, ready to start a brand new day knowing that love and tenderness resides within thy being and that reaching out is a pulsation of sanguinity.

    Have a lovely weekend Penny 🙂

    Andro xxx

  4. The knowledge of a day off is always great for either time of day. it is a good question though what would be a wonderful awakening…that first day after winning the lottery must be immense. I love the tone of appreciation for people and that special thing that happens in your day. Regrettably I don’t get here as often as I would like but you do always make the days special my good friend. x

    • Thank you SteJ. Just one day at a time making the difference you can. Pretty simple really if one thinks about it. And remembering to let the things go that don’t really matter in life and remembering the ones that do! Just my own philosophy. Can’t wait to sample the tea with you SteJ! xx

      • There is to much irrelevant stuff floating around the world…you do have the best philosophies…Plato couldn’t have said that better, not that he lives around here these days…making the difference…yes that is the best way to put it.

  5. Ces paroles sont belles et généreuses. C’est bon de se sentir aimée malgré la distance et les frontières qui nous séparent.
    Bon week-end Penny et merci encore pour l’abondance de votre coeur.

    • Merci beaucoup, Lucia. Oui je suis d’accord avec vous, nous avons tous besoin d’aimer et d’honorer un autre. Peu importe combien nous sommes loin (distance sage). Je voudrais souhaiter assez d’amour pour tous sur la planète. J’espère que vous aurez une plus belle dimanche. Je vous remercie pour le beau compliment mon ami! xx

  6. well this was my lullaby tonight ~ beautiful words Penny. You are so loving and kind – and your maternal spirit shines through here… Also adored this image — precious! x love and hugs ~ Robyn

  7. Wow! I want all these things you just wrote. Can you believe I am being completely lazy in bed at 10am still blogging on my phone! Lol
    Hmmmm, hopefully the man of my dreams is a blogger too! Haha..otherwise he so won’t get this blogging in bed, car, shops etc etc. Lol okay, I’m getting up. Time to face the world. Enough me time! Lol hugs our lovely, Penny. Paula xxx

  8. What a wonderful way to wake this morning 4am now but been up since 3 am .. some one decided they might just try to break in to the house… alarms going off and me rushing outside with the samurai sword to put chase to whoever set off the alarm… too late unfortunately they where long gone.. I wonder if it was the sight of the Bulldog and a sword… or just my morning face when awoken rudely.??
    Then to stay up, cause I’ll never get to sleep again and read blogs, ending with this one of yours .. has turned my bad start into a good start… thank you…

    • Oh Bulldog, I am so sorry about the attempted break in. And middle of the night too. That had to have been quite a sight though (you rushing out with a samurai sword! I am pleased I could at least end your blog reading with a positive experience, my friend. I hope you’re day goes much much better than it started. xx

      • Penny never to worry.. the person that attempts to enter my house uninvited does so at his own peril… (I always want to teach them a lesson)… but off early this morning to try and capture a winter sunrise… inspired by your post…

  9. Thank you so very much. It was actually a message sent out to all people everywhere. The one’s who have no others, the ones who need the boost of love, the one’s who feel alone. I wrote it for all of them! Thank you for your lovely thoughts and for dedicating this to your loved one. I am honored. Love to you and a very good morning! Penny 🙂

  10. Wonderful way to make your love one realize how much worthy they are in your life. I love your poem and want to dedicate it to my love. Thank you ma’am 🙂
    Lots of love and good wishes
    Happy morning to you 🙂

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