Why Do You Blog


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The obvious reason is because you enjoy blogging. But Why?

Some bloggers begin with a “fixed agenda”. They have a product to sell or they are part of an organization and have a message they want to get out into public awareness on a professional level.

For many of us, it just seems like a fun thing to start doing.

Currently I’m writing a piece on how to promote your blog site so I recently visited quite a few bloggers and read the various reasons given forΒ why they blogged. (When I was active in the marketing world one of the first questions I would ask a client was what they hoped to accomplish with an advertisement or promotional campaign.)

So the question “Why do you blog” seemed like a good place to start.

The answers were interesting because they were multi-layered and the reasons for blogging morphed or changed a bit over a period of time. The first reason.

  • It makes you feel good. The creative process, writing the words/or creating the artistry, displaying the results; photographs, illustrations and videos, music etc.

The second reason was also obvious.

  • Wanting to share your words, ideas, (creativity, thoughts, images sounds and moving action) with others. And to share theirs. Learn about their world and what they were/are doing!

The third reason was the most interesting, however. And the reason I think many of us feel a sense of addiction, after awhile, to the blogging world.

  • validation. Or more to the point, connecting with others, creating awareness of yourself outside of the world you live in. Being liked and appreciated for who you are and what you’re doing.

In summation, many people set out to blog, to find their own identity, to explore themselves (unaware, to a degree, that this is what they are doing). As soon as we’re old enough to recognize our need for other’s approval, we consciously or subconsciously continue to look for it. And whether we receive it as a child or not, a part of our adult makeup continues to want and need that approval. To be well thought of. Validated as having purpose, value, a worth.

The blogging world is excellent for this purpose. With very little understanding of the how and why of the online technology of today you can create your own blog and connect with others.

The ‘like’ button lets the blogger know his/her current post has been “liked”. The ‘follow’ button let’s the blogger know their posts “in general” are liked and the other blogger wants to “follow” them. The ‘comment section’ allows a blogger to share their feelings about any given post that has been written. The additional ‘multi-media options’ (such as twitter, facebook, linkedIn, google+ and so on) allows others, (visiting your blog), to spread the word (further endorsing that they like what you are doing).

And there you have it. Approval and validation. And don’t think it isn’t important. How many of you are unaware of the numbers of how many visit you, and who they are? And why is it important to you? Just think on this a bit.

So we’ve come full circle back to the question. Why do you blog? It’s for all of the above reasons.

I believe, for most of us, blogging is exceedingly healthy. You reach beyond where you are or where you’ve been, or even perhaps where your going. You set your sights a little higher. You bring potential goals a little closer.

I’ll venture a guess and say that most of the emerging bloggers -including myself – (in the last year or two) as well as those coming out right now, don’t have much of a clue about the technology they are using to communicate with others. They just know they want to.

And that – all by itself becomes an enriching learning process. The global communication system now available to so many of us is an excellent way to learn and grow, share and connect and become more than you’ve been.

So ask yourself, one more time – Why do you blog? Is it to connect and communicate with yourself and others? To share, learn, grow while being creative and interactive? To achieve a greater awareness of who you are and feel good about those discoveries? I’m guessing for most all of us the answer is yes to all the above!

Happy blogging, enjoy the process and create, share, learn and grow, I know I am.

~ Have a great day,

And yes, after a year I decided to change the “theme” of my blog page, I hope you like it!

~Β Penny

penny l howe

54 thoughts on “Why Do You Blog

    • You are so very welcome my friend. And we’ve gotten to know each other because we blog, and we share a lot of the same type of thought processes too! How cool is that! Blog on!!!! πŸ™‚ xx

  1. I find this extremely interesting… why did I start ? to share my photos with my kids and family spread far and wide… but the interesting thing is I didn’t begin to blog, I started firstly to write on Street Articles. Why? To improve my English required for my software presentations etc.. I started there as 30 000 odd on the list of best authors and ended up as top for nearly 3,5 months… what did I enjoy there the most? The interaction on the comments, reading others perspectives and ideas… we started what was known as the “street party” with comments on an article reaching a few hundred…
    I soon found others decreasing in posts as they became either bored or too busy to write and I slowly moved over to WP on request of the kids… I still pen an article now and then.. just for the fun of it… and the last I looked I was 19th in a group of 30 000 odd budding authors… my articles have drawn 122 000 odd reads which my blog has not… yet the interaction I’ve found on WP is unbelievable… with 45 000 odd views I have 15 000 odd comments… I love to blog, not only for the kids but now for the enjoyment others get out of my posts…

    • That is absolutely fascinating Bulldog. You are exceedingly well written and interactive, which as you mentioned, is most valuable when your getting ready to promote a product! I am glad you love to blog, else would not have “met” you and through you, your wife, read your excellent articles and viewed your amazing photography. Thank you, please keep blogging and of course loving it, very special friend of mine! xx

  2. Blogging is fun and healthy, that is what I need. Seriously through blogging I found a lot out about myself and it give s me so much more confidence. I lways had alow opinion of my writing and now with all your wonderful comments I feel so mcuh better that I can do and try out things and get honest answers.
    I love you all , bloggers everywhere, you have given me so much in life, inspiration, making me think, fun, love and I am truly grateful.
    It is a wonderful world!

  3. Thanks to Boomie – I’m here. And – for many reasons – I’m still here – more or less as what you have stated above.

    My slogan for blogging: Blogging – Therapy I can afford!

    xx πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ xx

  4. I blog because it’s a perfect platform for my stories and opinions. I’ve always loved to write anyway. But, everyone has a life story and an opinion on something, so blogging gives them that power to be heard. They no longer have to rely upon newspaper or book editors. The downside, of course, is that you really have to work to get your blog noticed. But, it’s that passion for writing that drives me.

    • I agree with you about the perfect platform. Your love of writing shows so very clearly, Alejandro. You are highly gifted as a writer. Passion is the thing – always! And getting noticed as a writer from a personal blog is exceedingly difficult. Keep your passion for writing alive, please. xx

  5. I really enjoyed this post Penny. I continually ask myself why I blog — there are so many reasons. The funny thing is that when I began, I only thought this was a place I might archive my photographs (new hobby) ~ My young daughter (who had a blog but wasn’t super active due to her studies) said I needed to find a place for my photos so I’d stop taking up so much space on her Facebook feed! πŸ™‚ ~ She suggested WordPress because it was cooler than the other blog site I’d considered. I did not even know anyone would comment or ‘like’ my posts – except maybe close friends and family! Boy was I in for a surprise. I think maybe sharing some more personal insight in my narrative (under the heading ‘my story’) heading.. and perhaps my bold header photo hubby shot of me laying in the snow? – I don’t know — but as you know my blog has evolved. Never expected to be writing poetry of any sort — writing was encouraged by a wonderful follower who was a college writing professor. She suggested I “write my own quotes” (she liked my narrative writing) rather than use the famous ones as I’d been. LOL ~ And so, back to your question – why? Well too many reasons to even begin – but as you know I consider this practice an honor and a privilege – and most of all a blessing! Love to you dearest friend… it is people like you who make this blogging world so very special! x Robyn

    • Isn’t it wonderful what we can discover about ourselves given the right set of (sometimes unexpected) circumstances! You are incredibly talented Robyn, and what started out for very different personal reasons has turned into something so very wonderful, for the difference you make in so many people’s life each time you post! Huge, Robyn, just huge! I do not exaggerate either. Thank you for your compliment and again I thank you for blogging so that we could meet and become friends and so much more, across the miles. xo Penny

  6. One day, for me anyway, I decided that I should do a blog. What was I going to write about? I wanted to write about living in a small community with a homeowner’s association that most of us up here are not happy with. But not being able to include names for fear of getting sued, I wrote about whatever blew my way that affected my life.

    Then I got into one of my passions…food. I love to cook and I wanted to share with the world that passion. And I love photography! So if I could combine the two that would be great! After featuring most of my usual recipes I went in search of other recipes that I could modify and make my own. And I did.

    The best response of others around the world to my blog turned out to be my photos, which was not what I expected. The other thing that I did not expect was to have folks ask if they could buy my photos! Currently we are working on getting a website up and running where folks can buy my images! Who knew that two years go starting my blog would lead to this? I sure did not! Who knew two years ago that I would end up with friends all over the world? Certainly not me! I had no idea!

    This is a wonderful post my dear Penny, and my journey has been one of self-discovery.

    If someone reads this and is just contemplating doing this, the blogging thing, take a chance to make a change in your life: One that will be totally unexpected!

    Hugs and love –

  7. I blog for all of the above reasons, but also it keeps me from robbing banks and burning down the offices of politicians. No wait…I can do that while I blog too πŸ™‚

  8. [ Smiles ] Penny, I blog because I enjoy blogging; it’s that simple!

    Hey, I am pleasantly surprised. At first, I thought that I came to the wrong blog by mistake. Then, I noticed that you changed your theme; it suits so, my friend.

    Do have a fabulous week and blessed be to all those who visit your blog!

  9. Good post!

    I started blogging because I needed to find the good things in life having just lost a friend of 30 years far too early to a brain tumour. I did it for me and in memory of Kath.

    I had no idea about followers or likes and hadn’t read many other blogs, only those of my daughter and a friend. I had no idea how many friends I would make, how many lives I would learn about, how many people there are out there who would be enriched by my beautiful things and whose writing would, in turn, enrich me – so to them all, and to you, I say Thank you! πŸ™‚

    • HI Sally, thank you in return for your warm, generous and loving nature. As you so correctly stated we (so many of us) have really been blessed to find one another and find not only comfort but also companionship of-a-sort with like minded people! And it’s fun too! πŸ™‚ xx

  10. Started a blog to practice writing in hopes of writing a book someday and to keep the intense stuff off of Facebook. Yes, it does feel good to be validated, but it also seems necessary to practice the conversations that we seem to be losing in the culture, not to save ourselves, or to heal, grow or for any end, but for being in the art, and inside of what transpires while listening and conversing. Thank you for the question and the post!

  11. Excellent post Penny.

    I started blogging as a way of a diary. Then as something I could share with friends. Then when they no longer were interested, I contemplated shutting it.

    Now I blog because I know people like to see what I put on. I take photos because people like them. I write stories because people like them. I do things, because people want me to. I suppose, ultimately, I want to be accepted. And my blog is a way of doing that

    • There is no question in my mind that those who weren’t interested, (and btw we all have – in the offline world – both a few, or more, family and friends who feel that way about those of us who blog), are missing out on something special with you Alastair. And you are correct! Now you absolutely do have people who are your friends, who come to read what you have written, share in your experiences and view the photographs you take. You comment section does not lie, you know! πŸ™‚ xx

  12. you’re right.. many of us begin with other reasons, then we evolve. mine began as a place to show my paintings, as many people asked, ‘where can we see pictures of your work?’

    i also started so that i no longer bothered my loved ones with long-winded emails with image attachments about my most recent ‘this cannot be true’ stories of life in Latin America. they now have the choice to keep up with my stories or to say, ‘whew.. thank goodness she’s not bombing us with another story!’

    to receive so many subscribers has been an unexpected bonus! it’s been great to connect with so many like-minded people in so many different fields of interest… reading, nature, art, philosophy, etc etc… it’s so great to have crossed paths with you, soul sister!

  13. This is one of those questions I ask myself. I agree with the validation aspect. We all bask in that when it happens.
    I have a blog on a different site where because I do write a lot in the course of my job I decided to use it as a deposit for my writing. Here was a place where when I needed to I could find my work. No one actually read anything, if they did they never said.
    Here in WordPress I have discovered an audience. It excites me and humbles me that I do.
    I like to write, I get enjoyment in the creative process but I have also become aware of other people’s work. It is like I want to see what different bloggers have written or said because I have connected with their philosophy. If people follow you once you get over the flattery of it there is a sense of responsibility to produce stuff that will keep them following. That aspect I find new and exciting. But like most things not everything works, not every blog is read and you realize that is how it is somedays.
    Sorry Penny I have gone on a bit, but I do like the question you have raised. Thanks for asking. I think there is probably a uni thesis in al of this.

    • Hi Michael, you raised a lot of good points here. Things most all of us think about or go through at different times. I appreciate your thoughts very much. Thank you!

  14. Ah, what a question!!! You are right!
    I started it off as a portfolio of my work and it grew from there! As an introvert I had no idea of the world of possibilities… Good thing I’m an open introvert! huh?!!! πŸ˜†
    You too have a great great day, Penny!!!
    πŸ™‚ + xxxxxxxxxxxx [lots]

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