YES, I Can … and so can you!

by Blazeofglory


Yes I Can

*Somebody said “you won’t make it”
but I simply said  “yes I can”
Somebody said “you can’t do that”
but I simply said  “yes I can.”
In spite of the naysayers and cannots,
I still persevered through it all
And when they knew I would fall
And not get up at all
I said, “yes I can” and stood tall.
I don’t want to hear what I can’t do
Don’t keep telling me that I will fail
don’t tell me what’s wrong
all the day long
Because I will stay strong and prevail.
Yes I can are the words to survival
I keep repeating them over again
Because I know if I do
it will turn out to be true
“Yes I can , yes I can, yes I can!”
(And so can you!)
~ Penny L Howe, 2013


Have an excellent day today!

penny l howe

37 thoughts on “YES, I Can … and so can you!

    • Thank you, most sincerely Bulldog, they come from the heart. This one I’ve said in my lifetime of adventures … oh say … a million times, strutting through the house, or sitting in an office, or …

  1. Loving the new look and the retention of your inspirational posts. Are yes I can the three most powerful words, or would that be the other oft-mentioned three words. For without yes I can, would love survive? Interesting…..

  2. Penny this reminds me of my first time I came to London. I was 23 and had a job lined up for 1 year in a hotel. As I was then rather shy, didn’t know anyone here and every body said to me, you won’t make it, you will come back soon. (Except my parents they did encourage me, and I will never forget that) In reality I was so homesick and was close to go back but the comment you “won’t make it” kept me going as I wanted to show them , that I can do it. After the first hard 3 month I started to make friends and started to love my London. As you know I am still here and adore London and have my best friends here. (and only one good German friend remained) . Sometimes negative comments make you stronger and more determined.
    With love Ute

  3. So encouraging and just conjures of feelings of confidence when we read this Penny. Beautiful words of inspiration and support – thank you dearest friend!!! Love to YOU, x Robyn

    • Thank you Robyn, dear friend. It is for all women. I do so want them to understand they can empower themselves! The ability is inside each of us. Hope all is well with you, spending lots less time online right now, just busy, hopefully less so, soonest! As always much love to you, hope you’re still riding your bike every day (well when it’s not raining, lol) 🙂 xo

  4. I agree Penny. So beautifully put. Our lives are meaningless if we don’t see the positives for without them it is difficult to move forward. Plus how dull would life be without the belief that you can do things, not everything, but something’s.

  5. A road of positivity and well being are the best steps that any
    of us can travel 🙂 This posting is upbeat, optimistic, and I like it 🙂

    Have a lovely rest
    of Wednesday Penny 🙂

    Andro xxx

    • Hello Andro. Thank you so much, another too busy week for me, spending very few hours online, hopefully will lighten up soon, I want to come visit you, Your blog is (your favorite word here) wickedly fun!!!! 🙂 Have a excellent Thursday my friend! 🙂 xx

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