26 thoughts on “Contemplation of a Cat!

  1. The conundrum of a cat’s thoughts. It is one of the great mysteries of life, that and why the sit-com Friends became so popular. I wonder if scientists will ever have invent the cat voice box so they will be able to talk to us…

    • You know thinking on it SteJ, I’m not exactly sure I’d want to hear my cats thoughts. They (cats) are of a decidedly disdainful and superior manner, in general! I’m sure they’d have any number of considered opinions on the state of affairs, as it centered around their own existence of things! LOL

  2. AnElephantCant deny cats are cool
    And they also hate meeces to pieces
    But come on here Penny
    He’s told you ten times or twenty
    That felines reduce him to sneezes


  3. Love it, Penny, so adorable! Have a great weekend! β™₯ By the way, I tried to get your “I Belong” image on my blog and it wouldn’t work. I’ll try again! πŸ™‚

    • Totally, Alastair! Although actually I trained them not to do that except with their “scratching posts”. Cats have to be trained really young though or it won’t hold! Good thing in their “giant cases” they have substantial claws! lol!

      • I’ll bet they do. One scratch from them and it is down to the bone. LOL.

        They are gorgeous though. I would love a cat like that. Just the sheer size of them. And their friendliness

        • I would have been happier with less size, Alastair, still amazes me. If Frankie (in the pic) stretches out with his legs on the floor (I measured) over 3 feet from foot to foot! Yes thank goodness for their gentle natures! πŸ™‚

          • WOW! That’s half my size!!! That’s an enormous size.

            It reminds me of the lion called Christian. Not sure if you have heard of it. I don’t want to put the link as it will immediately put the video on here.

            There was a vicar who took on a lion cub and kept it at the vicarage, so he called it Christian (I suppose Daniel would just have been wrong lol) anyway, the lion became too large so he took it to Africa and released it.

            A couple of years later (or some time) he went to find him, and his guide told him that he was not the same animal any more, he was now wild with a family. When they finally found him, he raced over and jumped at the vicar, no claws. Giving him love. It is an amazing video to see. If you search on youtube for “Christian the Lion” you will find it. It’s remarkable. Actually, I think I may post it on my blog

  4. Being a cat lover, this is classic Penny! My youngest cat Ian, who is a little more than a year old, is obsessed with ceilings all of a sudden. Must admit, he makes us look up, wondering just what he sees!
    P.S. I redesigned my blog thinking of you and appreciating your new look!

    • I have those thoughts myself sometimes, trying to figure out what they (my cats) might be thinking based on how they’re acting, lol! Your new “look” is great Debra! I like it! Have an excellent weekend! πŸ™‚

    • It was unusual for him to sit so still so long in that pose Robyn. I had time to get camera, come back and shoot the pic. I was fascinated by the contours of his backside! His thoughts must have been deep indeed (whether to go outside and nap in the grass, or whether to stay inside and nap here, lol!) Love you, πŸ™‚ xo

    • Hi Roxi, yes indeed. He had been sitting there for a few minutes utterly still and I just felt the need to snap this shot of Frankie being so still, and I liked the form his backside showed! Love and Huge hugs to you! I hope your weekend is a great one for you! πŸ™‚ xoxo

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