41 thoughts on “Woohoo … it’s the weekend!

      • I do tend to jump up and down a lot to music in clubs or discos whilst people who are a lot younger than me are doing more timid dancing. And I have Fibro, so it does hurt my legs, but I like to live life to the max as one day I may not be able to dance anymore so I appreciate that I can at the moment.

        • Just a passing comment here Sandra on the fibro thing of it all. I have a handful of friends with the same daily issues … keep a strong mental attitude of well being during the more discomforting times (nice way of saying pain), apparently some new research shows that what you think consciously is interpreted at a chemical/cellular level and can positively/negatively impact your body (re: nerve impulses, etc.), amazing huh! Who knew!

          • I believe positive thinking is my greatest asset. I recently met a guy who is doing research for the NHS and has found that a person’s environment can cause an actual chemical change in the brain and I believe this to be true. On the subject of positive thinking, I love challenging myself to walk up stairs, even though it hurts. I do a few exercises each day, not many because otherwise I will be set-back for days and I love trying do do things I am not supposed to do much of due to my condition, such as dance. I don’t mean this horribly but if I can get up steps quicker or jump more during dancing than someone without my condition, it makes me feel I have made a small achievement in my life and that in turn makes me feel good. I know in reality that if they were “trying” to do what I am doing then they probably could do it higher or more or quicker than me but it’s a challenge I met for myself and that is good enough for me.

            • Well just from my view of your comments, I’d say you have it exactly correct! Way to go, I am very proud of you and to know you Sandra. Keep dancing … you’re worth it, you know! πŸ™‚

              • Thanks Penny. Your comments made me smile. Thanks so much for your support. I was diagnosed on 20th Jan 2012 with Fibro and it took me a while to get used to it and to learn how to manage it in the best way for me. One day I hope to help others by showing them there is another unconventional way but I realise my way may only work for me and my personality so I will keep being my own guineapig for now. I have 4 beautfiul guineapigs so it can’t be all that bad. My mum is looking after them while I am in London. They make me smile every day, another good form of therapy for Fibro. I try to clean them out every day, which is very time consuming as they have 2 cages and 1 is a double level but they are worth it. I am blessed to have them.

                • I think we all make the perfect guineapigs for ourselves, don’t we. And I think even if just one person reads what you wrote here, just today, it can get others thinking about other positive things they can do that perhaps they hadn’t thought of Sandra, again I applaud you and of course your loveable guinea pigs that make you smile and love you so! Oh and me too, the love part I mean dear friend! xx

    • Hi Lynn, me too. I settle for jumping on the bed, when no one is watching or dancing around with the music blaring with the family. Both are fun too!!!! Hope your weekend has started off well for you! πŸ™‚

    • Don’t you just wake up some mornings and really want to do that, kinda’ like getting up on the bed and jumping up and down or something … no wait … we’re adults we don’t get to do that … or do we? Thanks Mike, hope your weekend is filled with having fun!

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