Longing … in the night

by boborsillo
There is inside
a place in me,
a place I dare not go
the longing … in the night.
He must know of my longing,
buried  deep within,
… and my endless, sleepless nights
restless … with desire.
There’d been a time he’d ‘known’
reaching out to me,
… Satiating passions need 
Conquering with … his will.
Now only nights of emptiness
that once were so divine.
Perfection of the night time
… when safe within his arms,
securely loved, a certainty
within … the night time’s hours.
All lost except the craving,
the longing … in the night.
Penny L Howe, 2013

40 thoughts on “Longing … in the night

      • hi penny , ya i could feel that in ur poem!
        Im slowly standing up again think its got alot to do with just being or allowing myself to be with te pain /sorrow,also amazing like i said in my blog how ur brain allows stuff at certain times to arise ..thank goodness its not all in on go!

        • The brain is quite the most fascinating thing on the planet isn’t it. I’m sure it has some kind of safety mechanisms in there to help us survive in life. Especially our own emotions! It has worked that way for me in some of life experiences. Have a really good rest of your week Lisa! xx

  1. Very lovely, and so much passionate feeling within your poetry tonight Penny. The longing (craving ~ yearning ) never does seem to dissipate completely ~ especially in the night’s dark hours. Exquisite writing my dearest friend… much love and hugs ~ x Robyn

  2. The longing and silence of night while all alone with my solitude I know what it feels like . . . !! Really nice work . . . . !!

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