What are meaningful “action” words?

And how do you use them?

Love, Hope, Give, Honor, Care, Trust, Believe, Forgive, Value,

Such small words. Such huge and wonderful meanings. When we use small words with big meanings do we feel big feelings? Do we think big thoughts?

 by Sanshams

In the English language of things, these can all be “action” words (verbs)! Are they action words (in your life) when you say them or are they simply words connecting other words together in a sentence. Words written or spoken in daily platitudes but not our personal attitudes.

I know when we use small words that are negative …

fear, hate, fault, blame, mean, hurtful, cruel, greedy

… we are very action oriented! Look around, it’s rather obvious isn’t it? Violence,happy-young-woman-by-fotosforthought. meanness, cruelty, selfishness, greed are everywhere (in abundance)! Why is that?

The human heart has such a giant capacity for LOVE and LOVING!

Today, written and spoken words are being used as weapons, tearing apart and ripping through the potential of what we can become: something far greater than the sum of our individual parts. Please use those action words that help bring us – all – closer together. Not further apart. And yes! You do make a difference! Every single human being on the planet does!

Each life holds the capability of greatness from which something mighty may grow.

ย an embedded heartย 
within, a seed of greatness
embracing love

I hope you are having an excellent Sunday and for those beginning your new week, may it be a full and loving one for you.

~ Penny

11 thoughts on “What are meaningful “action” words?

  1. Yes Penny I agree … words cary powerful energy – and we should choose them carefully. I think sometimes we forget how potent language is. Every word conjures up some emotion or feeling – and action words (verbs) maybe even more so. Thank you for this thought -provoking post. I aways learn from you dear friend ~ x Robyn with love

  2. Sad how too many people behave as if they have to financially pay for positive words & actions.

    Hope you are enjoying your Sunday too Penny!
    xx ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ xx

  3. A great inspiring post, Penny. It reminds me of an old Indian saying I saw which goes something like this:

    A grandfather talking to a child.
    “In each of us are two wolves battling.
    One is full of hate, hurt, meanness, evil, jealousy. The other is full of love, joy, good, peace and hope”
    The grandson says
    “Which one wins?”
    Grandfather replies with
    “Which ever one we feed”

    Your post reminded me of that as it is in each of us to feed the good and starve the evil.
    Sorry, I’ve taken a whole space again

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