The definition of Love


Love is not defined by any one particular meaning or expression,

Β … although there are many.


And love is not defined just by the saying of the word either.

No, love is defined when we feel it inside.

Then we know it’s love,

for that feeling is unmistakable

… from anything else!


“Love with all your heart –

The two go well together!”

~ Penny L Howe, 2013

penny l howe

32 thoughts on “The definition of Love

  1. I believe that this emotion, so difficult to describe, when felt during the most challenging of times, feels the most real to me. It is easy to feel love when life is moving along at an easy clip but to be able to calmly look at someone during the difficult times and know that you would move heaven and earth to ease their pain and their sorrow feels like the real deal to me.

    • Hello Noeleen, thank you for visiting me. Yes, Love is joy. And I might add so are you. I’ve been reading on your blog for a little while and as you bravely share your life experiences with others, it is uplifting because for those who struggle with their own truths, your words give them courage! Very loving and kind, it is a sincere pleasure to meet you! πŸ™‚

  2. Love, everyone’s favourite anagram of vole. Love is a fascinating feeling, perhaps one that is outside my realm to define for it is all things yet not completely any single definable entity. Which makes it infinitely fascinating and not a bit perplexing. xx

  3. I’ve always wanted some one to describe love… that feeling one has but cannot describe… and I thought you might just have come up with it… but no, it is something no one can describe as I think we would all describe it differently…

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