An Aspect of Her Being

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A Woman Who Loves

Ask her … why she is who she is?

Ask her … how she feels …

about you?

Ask her … why she loves you?

Ask her … will she always love you?

And ask her … why!

If she tells you …

there will be no moonsong without you in her night time.

If she tells you …

there will be no sunshine to light up her day without you.

If she tells you

… you are an aspect of her being

as essential as her beating heart

 her reason

 her purpose

 her reality

… of existence

that the thought of ‘no you’

is equivalent 

to an emptiness of being.

Your questions have been answered!

Can she ask you the same?

And can you answer?

~ Penny L Howe, 2013

38 thoughts on “An Aspect of Her Being

  1. Love the turn around with the final line, there are some challenging questions there, well at least for the less introspective of your readers…I possibly include myself in that, although to get a definitive answer on that i would have to introspect….

    • Hmmmm. Just read your last post, so I’m having trouble correlating this rhyme, perhaps I’m missing something. Appears to be a dichotomy going on! He is … utterly enthralled
      Because he sees with his soul
      To him beauty is in the smile of each person he loves …
      So I admit to being confused. Unless of course the word “love” is being used subjectively, in an illusory manner. Which is of course the safest way to look at love. 🙂 xo

      • AnElephantCant believe Penny is confused
        That is more his own quotidian state
        Though he sees with his soul
        His heart is outwith his control
        And he has no idea what will be his fate

  2. “no you” — beautiful Penny – it’s this empty space that really allows us to see another I think… and to love another … so your final question is key, to be welcome to ask these same questions in return … yes. I loved this my friend ~ x Robyn

    • Hello Robyn. Thank you! There is love within love I believe, and as long as each layer has a transparency the riches of love between two people, grows and all questions are answerable … lovingly so dearest friend of mine! xo

  3. This is the love I have for the Beloved One. The One who intoxicates me with the wine of his love and devotion. The One who is within me and connects me with all others. In peaceful harmony, Barbara

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