Friday Fictioneers – Her motivation

Each week Friday Fictioneers (a troupe of most excellent writers) gather to display (on their own blog sites) an one hundred word (approximately) flash fiction from a photo prompt. Orchestrated by the the excellent composer of words herself, Rochelle. This weeks photograph compliments of AnElephantCant. To join in this rompingly good, creative writing fun – click right here!



When Is a Bike More Than Transportation?

There is a gracious and gentle blogger in blogland, who, every day, wakes up to debilitating pain, affecting her joints and muscular system. Years and years of physical problems and pain, but she can’t take most conventional pain medicine, she works with alternative therapies, which includes beautiful compositions of her photography and original poetry.

So where does the bike come in? Awhile back she was amazed to discover she could actually ride a bike for brief periods. She has given her bike a name. It has become a part of her emotional and physical well being.


 Visit Robyn Lee,  A blogger who inspires other bloggers with her amazing talent, loving personality and awesome courage! You will not regret it!

A response from Robyn in my comment section yesterday when I inquired how she was doing:

Robyn Lee | July 16, 2013 at 2:49 pm

I just got back from a very mini ride. It’s near 100 degrees here (wet head). My pain feels less while I’m riding – and I try not to miss a day. May do one more attempt at rehab before I succumb to surgeon knife. Have been very limited and high pain despite being in what is probably strongest/best physical shape of life. Crazy – but maybe it’s just not able to stay in socket — as I said though – one more idea … so hopeful there ~ love to you and thank you for asking ! x


Need I say more, my fellow bloggers. When I saw the photograph of the bike, I had to share!

~ Penny

penny l howe

46 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Her motivation

  1. We met so many wonderful and talented people on the web.
    Thank you for introducing us to another member of the growing community of writers – that can enjoy the strength of the support offered.


  2. Wow, what a lovely tribute. My first time with Friday Fictioneers. I saw a couple of your posts and others of my favorite bloggers so decided to give it a try. I look forward to reading Robyn. I send my tribute to you, Penny. You are an awesome human being.

    • Thank you Steph for your generous phrase. I’m glad you gave Friday Fictioneers a try. It is a lot of fun! And Robyn is the awesome one, when you visit her blog you’ll see what I mean! No exaggeration here! xx

    • Thank you Joe, I know this wasn’t flash fiction or fiction at all, but when I saw the bicycle and know what I know about this quite beautiful and amazingly talented individual (her bravery is awesome), she gives so much to others, just felt compelled to share, thank you for your lovely thoughts, much appreciated by me.

    • Thank you Rochelle, I know this wasn’t flash fiction, in fact my story last week wasn’t either, but I saw the bicycle and felt the need to write what I wrote. Moved to do so, in fact! xx

  3. Robyn is such a special person… and from her posts and personality one realises how well off medically oneself is..
    But I love Robyn’s blog… her photos and words that she puts with them, are always of the most beautiful possible… I love you 100 word dedication to someone I’ve follow for quite a while, a special person that one won’t meet around every corner, she is one on her own, so special,,,

  4. Penny Penny Penny ~ oh my — I needed to find a few moments to settle down today before responding to this. Now I must be so careful what I write in comments section – 2x today I have been quoted
    (Set J and you)… 🙂 Thank you immensely… from depths of my heart for all your love and support always. You are so generous with these~ and I always appreciate. Definitely having a love affair with the outdoor bicycle this summer (the photo above is a wonderful prompt btw) … will keep you posted on upcoming rehab – another out of state thing – but if after a few days I don’t foresee gains – then will cut it short there. We shall see. Your post really touched me — a few tears too — Thank you from my heart. So much love beloved friend ~ and many hugs x Robyn

  5. As someone with FM, CMP and bulging disc, I can really appreciate this story. You touched on the pain and feeling of despair, yet found a bright point. You do what you can do, as long as you NEVER stop trying to do something!

  6. What a wonderfully positive post Penny. You have to admire the resilience and determination of your friend. Inspiring.

  7. A nice story. Thanks for sharing.
    I just stopped by to visit Robyn. I enjoyed her photos & poetry. So – guess who will now be on my reader?…
    xx 🙂 🙂 xx

  8. Robyn is a wonderful soul, and makes me realise that I am not as bad as I seem. She does so much and still comes out with such brilliant poetry, and photography. She truly is one of a kind.

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