Blogger Minions – Get Yours Today!

Blogging is a time consuming thing.

Not enough hours in the day.

So I created “blogger minions”.


by wd2007 -

My Blogger Minions

They are quick, and they last
they do blogging very fast.
These little guys are very sweet
and of course they love to tweet.
They are clever and watch for trends
Their creativity never ends.
They read emails, sort, respond
The things they do, goes on and on.
These little guys with their PC’s
are really cute, as you can see!
Order now, buy this new trend
Blogger Minions – your new best friends!

Buy today, only $19.95  per 100, 200 minions, (plus shipping charges $595.00 and all applicable taxes)!

Special offer: *Buy 200 and get the second 200 minions free!

*Not responsible for how quickly they reproduce – I haven’t got that part figured out yet! They seem mysteriously attracted to each other, it may have something to do with the rabbit DNA I added to improve their cuteness.


Have an excellent Friday everyone, and have a little fun today too!

~ Penny


37 thoughts on “Blogger Minions – Get Yours Today!

      • Funny, Penny. Really…FUNNY! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend! Got some awesome news today. There is a good possibility my Jim will be discharged next week to a rehab facility. Today is Day 72 of his hospital confinement.

        • Oh Sharla, How fantastic, I am so happy for Jim and yourself. I would give you guys a huge hug if I were there right this second (consider it given my friend) What a wonderful relief! Just excellent news … I know (personally) of those many moments you have been living daily dear friend, a day to rejoice! Much love to you from my heart, Penny xoxo

  1. Sounds like a great deal for someone who can handle the shipping costs.
    *I think I’ll let someone buy 200 & take their 200 free ones!
    xx 🙂 🙂 xx

  2. Well the shipping charges are a bit dear…… I shall check Amazon…..hehe
    They are so cute! Lovely idea! I would like to take one to work….. probably useful there too! 🙂

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