I need you, now!

extending-a-hand-to-a-person-in-need-by-cmlndmI need you!

I need your acceptance!

I need your support for me!

I need your belief in me!

I need your unconditional love!

I need you – right now!


We’re all human, we never stop needing – each other!

Those are words we feel! They are inside each and every one of us on the planet!

If someone say’s they don’t need anyone

they’re the neediest of all.


“Needing is half of life’s perfect equation!
Finish the equation – be grateful, care, reach out,
and you will discover your needing is fulfilled …
by loving and being loved –Β as it was meant to be!”

~Penny L Howe, 2013

penny l howe

32 thoughts on “I need you, now!

  1. I will proudly admit to needing you, your light, your wisdom, your encouragement in my life. Thank you for your beautiful gifts Penny. πŸ™‚

    • This is good to know LuAnn, because I need you too! Just not right this second! But I might, And I know you’ll be there for me! So very welcome, my love to you, Penny xx

  2. Great words of wisdom… I want to meet someone who has no need, for friendship, companionship or any other type of ship… we all need in so many different ways…

  3. Beautiful and as always – no truer can your words be Penny. We do all need each other in so many wonderful ways ~ thank you for always being a shining light here dearest friend ~ x love ~ Robyn

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