Going my way?

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It’s Friday morning, here in the Northwestern part of my country of America, just a few hundred miles from the Pacific Coast and only a couple miles from the magnificent Columbia River, where I make my home.

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I’m sitting here on the patio in the backyard with my first cup of coffee and it is a gorgeous morning. Contemplating today, on what’s been happening in my life, my country and my world. All of which I am a part of!

penny l howeLast fall I had hoped to have things in order so I might go on a world wide tour of our planet (beginning with my country and our nearby neighboring countries.

I have made so many wonderful online friends everywhere and my hope remains for the ability to meet them, in person. I stay very determined with this goal!

It doesn’t seem complicated with today’s transportation, but the complexity of rules, regulations and procedures of traveling to various countries is a whole ‘nother thing! So this will take longer than I had thought.

In the meantime, each day that I blog, I’m meeting even more wonderful people from everywhere and I love it! Something to look forward to, these awesome connections of like-minded creative, caring and loving people. Like You!

On a final note:

dreamstime… I would like to remind everyone that it is SILLY to hate because of skin color, ethnic differences, beliefs and any other demographics (that come to mind) separating us from one another. WE are not each other’s ENEMY! The true enemy is: Lack of Education, Awareness, and Understanding as a result of which these things, Poverty, Cruelty, and the Senseless destruction of life (all kinds) continues to happen. Stop the hatred! It will destroy all of us (humans).

As for myself. One day at a time I will continue to work on making a positive difference, one person at a time! Unconditional Love Rules, sharing and caring follows and happiness results. Anyone want to come along for the ride?

Have the best weekend you can, all my love to all of you,

~ Penny

41 thoughts on “Going my way?

  1. AnElephantCant describe the size of his smile
    As he eats croissants and drinks his orange juices
    He remembers forever
    The Columbia River
    And sees a picture of his bestest favouritest gooses

  2. Sounds a lot like me, Penny. Count me in! Here is an idea using your bottle cap. All who read, share and join in grab the cap and pin it to their blog! It could be linked back to this post. What d’ya think?

    • Well it is silly, I mean honestly Celestine. Life is the most important thing on the planet (that we are all a part of). What we could do for our futures and all the children of the planet’s futures would be awesome – if that was the focus! Much love to you for your kind words, thank you my dear friend! xx

    • Yes, I’d like at least a month or two to chat with you about …”oh, everything … I’m thinking”! Thank you, you also of course, a relaxing and fun evening and tomorrow my, so special friend! πŸ™‚ xoxoxo

  3. Penny that is my plan too, I would love to see my wonderful blog friends. One day I shall see you too! How wonderful that will be, sitting outside with a coffee and a peaceful chat with you! Followed by lovely hugs!
    I do love living in Londn as there are so many different cultures living here and I brought my children up to respect everyone, each colour and religion. It would be super world without prejusice and racism. We can do our bit and contribute towards it day by day !

  4. Well hello neighbor! (grins) Sorry haven’t been online much, back at work and also studying for an engineering exam so my ‘free’ time is extremely limited these days. I haven’t forgotten you, no way! Great pics and article. Glad to have you as my friend and neighbor here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest πŸ˜‰ xxxxxxx

    • Hi Roxi, I was off to bed and then came back on for a second, glad I caught you my friend! I have missed you. Very very busy up here too and haven’t been visiting much. Good luck with the exam, but I know you’ll ace it. Thanks, the ocean one is an oldy but goody! One of those moody Oregon Coast days! Glad you’re not far away also, πŸ™‚ xoxoxo

  5. I would love to see the disappearance of racialism, the ability to judge a person not by skin colour but by demeanour.. our country has progressed beyond expectations and our dispensation has only been since 1994… The USA (with what I’m reading in the news) needs a Nelson Mandela, and you disbanded colour segregation years ago… Now our problems aren’t white/black now our problems are black/black… so is it racialism or just the inability to tolerate others because of their tribal backgrounds…. in which case what is racialism, we are merely from a different tribe… Oh to be quite honest I can no longer understand mankind… I often wonder; if the Jews had of believed in Jesus, would they have been persecuted by Hitler? That would have made them Christians then… or was Hitler anti them because of their tribe and no matter what they believed he would have targeted them.??

    • Hello Bulldog! I never could understand “mankind” it’s why I’m always asking “why” about things. I’ve decided because we (humans) think and feel and have the intelligence (just a hopeful assumption on that one) to explore ourselves and our world, we make a ton of errors in the process. And the learning curve is sometimes very straight, othertimes a neverending spiral. I stay hopeful, one must hope for humanities sake Rob … we must! xx

  6. What a wonderful plan Penny – we can take a bike ride!! ~ You have a terrific weekend…. relax and have fun my treasured friend~
    Sending hugs and as always, all my love – x Robyn

    • Yes we would Robyn and then we would revert to being kids, I have no doubt, and then spend a ton of time talking on every single issue of interest (pretty much unlimited I’m thinking, lol) Our friendship is a very special treasure for me, dearest friend. You also, a most relaxing weekend, love you, Penny xo

  7. wow penny sounds amazing ,hope to ,to meet you some day !
    Cnt agree more with the colour piece we all the same in the end ,and some of my most loveliest friends are african …
    Thank you for always inspiring ,couching me along truley feel blessed to just know you a little.
    love lisa

    • One I so look forward to RoSy, just so you know I do have my bloggers map and continue to think on those places in this country I wish to visit soonest! πŸ™‚ xo , Hey those are my initials P.L.H., your so clever! πŸ™‚

    • Thank you, Ludwig, I look forward to trying the steak fries with you and being shown Belgium, thank you my friend. So much to look forward to! πŸ™‚
      Wishing you a sunny weekend also!

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