For All Writers Out There …Rethink the haibun and haiku!

A writer’s gift – yours!

Chances are if you are a blogger, you express yourself very well. Your hands have the gift of being able to put thoughts and expressions, ideas and vision into written words (and photographs and illustrations, art, videos, music, etc) But most all of you can write!

For all you non haibun writers, I believe that perhaps if it were worded differently you might be interested in giving it a try! So I’d like you to consider writing a short piece with only the following thoughts in your mind.

Your writing style: Write the way you normally write, especially if you write in a journal. If you don’t write in a journal. Then write the thoughts you’re thinking of in the moment. What comes to mind. You’ll find your words may flow (like thoughts) just write. Worry about editing afterwards. As your words flow you’ll see they have a rhythm (not rhyming like a poem, more open like free verse), they may even be  terse and to the point. Have your written piece be just a few paragraphs  or so.

Let it be a thought, an experience, or a feeling that comes to mind after you view a “prompt”. It can be a fictional story, or not, just as long as it is the dreamstime_xs_30419661.jpg“telling” or presenting of a thing! (much like in many schools “when growing up” you’d share in front of the class something you did for the summer kind of “telling”!)

After you’ve written your piece. Read it out loud to yourself.

And then go back and tighten it up. See if there are any words you can change or remove to make it more focused, specific and full of the flavor of you (that which you want to convey, express). Take just a little time here for this.

When you finish your written piece; add a short 3-line, ‘free verse’ poem, total about 14 to seventeen syllables. Have the middle line slightly longer than the others.

rich in expression
the haibun of our thoughts
words, a writer’s food

Your poem should contain your feelings on the subject you’ve just written about. Perhaps a summation or a realization (the essence of understanding, the point).

Got it? Here are your prompts! Pick one of the following two photographs.

Photo 2

Photo compliments of Nightlake, copyright © 2013 by Padmini


Exploratorium Museum, photo by Penny L Howe, 2013

Photo compliments of Penny, copyright © 2013

Now, WRITE! then I’d like you5436912_orig to publish your written piece on your blog and enter the piece you’ve just written, in the blue box below, follow the instructions (easy ones). I look forward to reading your words!

I think you might just surprise yourself how well you will do. Most importantly have fun.

Honourable Mentions for last week’s Ligo Haibun Challenge will be posted soon! Once again there were many excellent entries! Thank you for sharing your creativity with us and others this past week!

~ Penny


46 thoughts on “For All Writers Out There …Rethink the haibun and haiku!

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    • I hope not also. I think the haibun and haiku are wonderful writing styles and perhaps if they are demystified a little bit, more will try and expand their writing skill a little. At least my hopes here. You are a gifted writer, the haibun format works very well for you. 🙂 xo

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    • RoSy I soooooooo hope you give it a try, I have this hunch you are going to be really really good at this! So don’t sleep too long. btw, I know your schedule is hectic and crazy so will totally understand if you decided to pass on this one (okay well mostly)! 🙂 xo

  6. Well, you would have to throw out a line this evening, hook and all! I bit so the post will be up shortly. Let me know what you think. Never done this before and I guess that is the whole purpose…get us thinking outside our norm! Hugs!

    • I haven’t commented yet Sharla, but I did run over there and read it! (As a judge, sigh, I wait until most of the entries are in before I comment) Just wanted to let you know. You’re really really good at this. A natural in fact! Wow, so impressed here! I love your haibun, love it!!!!! Just wanted you to know! 🙂

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  9. An interesting exercise in writing Penny, I write in the vein of stream of consciousness myself so part one of the exercise would be easy,,, I would however for myself skip the editing and tightening up phase as I just don’t do this. I like the feel of raw thought and emotion in my writing so I tend not to revisit a piece unless to fix a typo or spelling error, the body and soul of my writing will always remain untouched… I have never entertained attaching a poem to the end of a story I have always kept my prose separate from my poetry… which I write using the same process… but should I ever change my mind this is an exercise I may try…

    • Hi tj, and thank you, so much, for your well written thoughts and ideas here. I know many writers who write as you do. Depending on the piece, so do I (In the raw, so to speak). My thought here was to create a loose template to encourage others to explore a different approach, or at least one that might be unique to them. I’m guessing, if you ever do endeavor to give this a try, it will be quite an amazing read! Again sincere thanks for dropping by reading and commenting! Penny

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