Motivate yourself – Your own guide

what-to-do-book-manual-advice-instructions-by-iqoncept.jpgLast fall I wrote a piece about how to be inspired and motivated. The words are no less true today.

And I’ve yet to find someone better at inspiring ourselves than – ourselves. We are, our own best motivators. The one who decides how we’re going to feel about the new day ahead. The one that lays down at night reliving the happenings of the day. That’s You!

And while you may not be the catalyst for positive change, I guarantee, you are the one that decides what “lights your fire” or what “puts it out”.

There is a key here, something to think on. No one just leaps out of bed, happy with the world everyday, thinking all things are wonderful and then goes out and wins all the time. Well nobody I know anyway.

But many understand what is needed and set about searching for that which willideas, influence and motivate them towards a positive mindset. That could be you!

Make life a mission for finding those things (catalysts) that will motivate you!

Each person’sΒ quest in life becomes either finding the motivation to make things happen or coming up with excuses for why things won’t.

The more you wake up looking for potentials, the easier it is to find possibilities. The more you move forward, the more you believe in yourself. And yes even through your failures, you know what to get right the next time you try.

It has always been about you – you know! You are your greatest motivator!

~ Penny


21 thoughts on “Motivate yourself – Your own guide

  1. If we cannot be our own self-motivators, how can we expect to be motivated by outside forces? No better source than from within one’s own self! This post is wisdom-wise for sure, Penny!

  2. Yes Penny – it all starts with “Self” …I truly believe this. If we do anything for any other reason then because or deepest/truest self calls us to – there is always a disconnect – a malalignment of sorts. Excellent post — much appreciate dearest dear friend ~ x Love to you – Robyn

  3. it always starts “at home…” -home being our own self.
    love the message here, Penny and also want to mention the new custom look you have here – wow. nice job putting this together. πŸ™‚

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