Acts of Kindness – Coffee, Small Business and a Little Bird!

Starting today, each Sunday I will write a post and present acts of kindness that you the reader tell me about. Check the category at the top of this page. Click on it and share any act of kindness that has happened to you or someone you know. I will share these the following Sunday.

We know there are all kinds of big problems in our world today, but the everyday acts of kindness (perhaps considered small ones) that happen to/by everyday people often go unnoticed. I wish to share these, as I can. There are two acts of kindness to report about today. The first a personal one; the second shared by Lesley Fletcher.




This act of kindness is a personal one that I’ve been wanting to share for quite awhile. There is a coffee house – Barracuda Coffee, here in Richland, (Tri-Cities) Washington where they serve great coffee.  And this weekend they are celebrating their 10th’ Anniversary.

But the act of kindness I’m going to mention began when we did not really know the owners personally. It was where “up until 3 years ago” my daughter’s husband Duane, would stop each afternoon to get her special cup of brew for her.

He’d always take a few minutes to joke and chat with them at the drive-thrudownload (5) window while he scribbled “I love you” on those little tabs put in the coffee lid to keep the coffee hot. Which they (the owner and the workers there) all noticed. It was also 3 years ago that Duane lost his life suddenly (in an accident) from a careless driver.

A few days after the accident I showed up to get my daughter’s coffee for her, One of the owners Michelle, came to the window and said, “I’ve given directions to the staff that Christina will never have to pay for her coffee, ever! Our way of remembering what a loving husband he was to a loving wife.” (And to save her the money for the cost of her favorite drink she would no longer be able to afford to buy.)

1016102_10151518891952057_1312113400_nAs I mentioned, it’s been 3 years. Her coffee is still free, as it is explained to each new employee who comes to work there. And beautiful and affectionate expressions are frequently written to Christina on the side of her coffee cup! Their expressions and attitude are generous and loving when they hand her the free cup of coffee – 3 years later.

As I mentioned at the beginning, this weekend marks Barracuda’s 10th year Anniversary and I can’t think of a better way to thank them than to let the world know what an amazing and loving small business Coffee Shop they are. There is no doubt that this act of kindness to Christina comes from loving hearts. And my daughter and myself stay very appreciative.

Each day Christina drops by to get her cup of coffee, made just the way she likes it! She leaves, her day a little brighter and a smile on her face. Some individuals/small business owners are pretty awesome aren’t they?

And one more thing: Check this out!



Their physical location:

  • 2171 Van Giesen St.
  • Richland, Washington 99354

(And starting this weekend they are now serving beer and wine in addition to their deliciously brewed coffee!) If you’re a local, I encourage you drop by!

Please do check out and “like” their facebook page for the other acts of kindness (this community active small business stays involved with)!

As for us (Duane’s family), we can only humbly say, thank you from the bottom of our hearts!


The second act of kindness I am reporting comes from one of our fellow bloggers, the talented Author and Artist Leslie Fletcher:

Books & Art – Spirit & Soul(In Lesley’s own words) “I was nice and kind yesterday. While I enjoy the songs and the sight of birds and even speak to them and whistle to them from a distance, I am a huge chicken and have a bit of a phobia (Thanks Mum ;) ) always fearing they will end up in my hair which has been described as a nest anyway.
Yesterday I was washing my car and fiddling in the front garden when I heard my phone ring in the back. It’s not normal for me to put things down to answer a phone call but I did.
When I reached the back yard I noticed a black thing in the pool. On further investigation I saw it was a small robin. It was trying with all its might to somehow get lift off out of the salty water. I reached for the skimmer on a stick with a net at the end and took my life in my hands (Yes I just said that) to lift the exhausted birdie from the pool. Of course I was ready to drop everything and make a run for safe ground should he attack me and said hair.
As it turned out the poor thing was so exhausted and traumatized he lay limp with his head down and wings spread. I thought I was too late and that he died.
Softly and gently I lay down the skimmer pole and backed up. Every half hour I checked on him. Originally I left him in full sunlight so that he may dry. My first visit back saw that his feathers were dry but he had not moved. He was cheeping very quietly and I took this as a good sign. I carefully lifted the pole again and moved him to the shade.
In all he stayed put for 3 hours. And then he flew. And it felt so great to have saved a life.”

Thank you Lesley, for saving his precious little life. A rich and fulfilling feeling. And Act of Kindness most definitely!


And this concludes this segment of “Acts of Kindness for the week.” I look forward to hearing from you. Please share the acts of kindness you know of, I’m anxious to pass it on to others to remind us all that there are sharing and loving people out there who go unnoticed every day! Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed,

~ Penny


48 thoughts on “Acts of Kindness – Coffee, Small Business and a Little Bird!

  1. Hello! I was just checking up on this post to check where the coffee shop is as we are visiting USA in a week or two and you had offered to take me to the coffee shop yourself! I am so disappointed to find that you are on the West Coast (I had forgotten) and we are going to New England for the Fall. I would so have loved to have met you! Maybe on our next visit. I have a nephew who has just moved form Prescott to near you so you never know…….
    All the best to you and yours. Have a lovely day and enjoy the coffee! 🙂

    • Have tons of fun in New England, Sally. It is absolutely beautiful there at this time of year. Not as beautiful as the Pacific Northwest of course, lol, but awfully pretty. Yes hopefully your next visit can be near by. I’d love to meet you. Thank you, I will. You also – a great day! 🙂

  2. What beautiful stories, really touched me. You are so right, it’s easy to get lost in the troubles of the world but stories like this remind me how basically good all human beings are and how much care, thoughtfulness and love is being shared in every moment. Love it. I’m going to share one too…will click on the link above:-)

    • Thank you and thank you for your share. I loved it. It is the little things that can make such a large difference for each of us and as you say I too believe there is so much “good” out there that gets overlooked. 🙂

  3. Both of these acts of kindness were truly amazing, Penny! Your favorite coffee shop just put coffee shops up a notch; what a wonderful husband your son-in-law was and a beautiful thing now that the coffee shop has done for your daughter. It brings tears…then Leslie’s story of saving one of nature’s gifts, another special moment! This is a great idea, Penny, for all the “bad” in the world, this is a reminder that “good” does exist. Thanks for sharing! Hugs!

    • Thanks Lauren. Both these acts of kindness are wonderful because they are given from caring loving hearts. So sharing becomes a pure pleasure for me! So many more acts of kindness out there, everyday, too dear friend! hugs to you! xx

  4. Reading Lesley’s encounter with the robin leads me to share with you my encounter with a baby mockingbird yesterday and today. The baby actually goes back to a catnipoflife post on July 17. [Here is the link for reference: In checking on the ‘babies’ yesterday, there was one left in the nest so I captured a photo. Today, I checked again and the nest was empty. In turning to walk away, I glanced toward the ground and saw the tiny bird on the ground. The click of yet more photos stirred the baby so I knew it was alive. I thought about the tiny baby on the ground for most of the day. With storm clouds gathering and rain in the midst, I ventured out at dusk gently lifting the tiny soul (with gloves on, of course) and placing it back in its nest. I know Mother Nature has a way of taking care of its own but something compelled me to help this new life…maybe it was the impending storm because there were very high winds and heavy rain. It will be interesting to see what I find in the morning. Will the nest be empty again? Will the little birdie have gained enough strength this time to fly? Until tomorrow. . . OOPS! I probably got way too long winded!

    • Yes but in such a loving way of being carried away Sharla. I greatly enjoyed your story, thank you! And for saving the little one’s life. Every life so precious on this planet we share dearest friend! 🙂 xx

  5. Simple random acts of kindness are so important for the well-being of all. Thank you for sharing this touching story. I may never get to Barracuda’s but I ‘liked’ them on FB. A most heartfelt way to honor the memory of a very special husband and father.

    I also enjoyed so much reading Lesley’s act of kindness. Great post Penny!

    • Hi LuAnn, not bugging you (I hope) but if you do get a few spare minutes and desire to update … (but not bugging, just caring and concerned).

      Thank you. Barracuda’s, Michelle and Jake, and Lesley, all wonderful people who, I bet give acts of kindness everyday. Part of their nature I’m thinking! Just too special for words!

  6. I read this about 6am my time before I went to work Penny. Beautiful story. It is heartening to know that there are such good people in this world. I hope there business thrives from your story. When I get to come to your country I would like to go and support this business.

  7. wow how awesome that feels as you tell your story of there kindness..also sad to hear how she lost he husband, im so sorry !
    just wrote on my blog about our eartquakes and my boys act of kindness..go have a read!

  8. So wonderful this post Penny – acts of kindness mean so much more than they seem at first. This coffee gesture by Barracuda is beautiful – ongoing symbolic support for Christina which has to mean the world to her… Heartwarming story by Leslie ~ this was one lucky little Robin to have been saved by such kind hands 🙂
    Much Love dear friend ~ x Robyn

    • Hi Robyn, you and I know the importance of daily “acts of kindness” they lift us (all of us) up whether we are the receiver or the giver! Warming the soul in the most wonderful enriching way! Love you so ~ Penny xo

  9. What a thoughtful crew at Barracuda. God bless them each & every day!
    Much love to you, Christina & the family – ALWAYS!
    xx 🙂 🙂 xx

    • Thank you RoSy. It is such a delight for Myself and Christina to know when YOU say those words … you mean those words! Our most sincerest thanks and love to you and your family! 🙂 xo

  10. It’s a welcome change to read about these acts of kindness. I think that by focusing on such things it can lead to a change in attitude… These two stories made me smile. I look forward to your Sunday posts, Penny! Maureen

  11. Thank you for sharing this story…some people (Like Michelle, Jake and staff at Cuda’s!!) in this world are so loving and generous and unceasingly thoughtful….it brings me to happy tears each filled with such gratefulness!! ♥♥♥♥ ~

    • Yes they are. I have waited for quite awhile to have a way to thank Michelle (the owners) and her family for the loving way they have treated Christina and her family. Today was just a small expression of our appreciation. And Lesley’s saving a small helpless bird, is also so very very special. Thank you for your caring words! 🙂 xo

  12. this moved me (duane did too). and kudos to barracuda coffee. i handle marketing for a number of restaurant chains and we always do our best to give something back. but never like this.

    • True story Neil. As you know marketing is my background also, specific to small business, so like you I am aware this was/is something very special and I wanted to do something special for Barracuda’s. And yes Duane was exactly like that. He’d take off from work to run over and get her coffee for her and there is a wealth of those small plastic tabs with loving comments on them! Thanks for your caring comments, much love to you this day my friend! xx

  13. Such a brilliant idea… these acts of kindness mean a lot and they help us in recognizing ourselves as living breathing humans.. I love your idea and the two acts of kindness you presented today. 🙂

    • Thank you HA. Those “small” acts of kindness can mean so very much to those receiving same. I just want to help acknowledge the good of “humans” as best I can! 🙂

  14. What an excellent pair of acts of kindness. They are truly unbelievable (in a good way of course) What the coffee shop did after a life was lost, and what Lesley did to save a life. Both absolutely wonderful. Thank you for sharing these Penny and Lesley.

    • Thank you Alastair! Barracuda’s are awesome. Even now, on Christina’s harder days, she frequently comes back from getting her coffee, to share with me some thoughtful words or gesture they have said or done. And yes there will be a smile on her face! And Lesley’s saving of a small bird, so very special also. I hope you’ve been having an excellent Sunday my dear friend! 🙂 xo

  15. How wonderful both acts. That coffeeshop is just amazing keeping this up for 3 years and continuing. They do deserve special mention!
    What a great idea to post kindness acts here. Love to read them! Thank you Penny!

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