Ligo Haibun Challenge – If I were flesh and blood …

Exploratorium Museum, photo by Penny L Howe, 2013

I am the statue of a Goddess of Mythology. But if I were real …

As flesh and blood, you’d find me running barefoot through open fields and meadows. I’d be scaling the tallest majestic mountains, breathing in the beauty of never-ending surrounding vistas.

If I were alive I’d swim to the bottom of the ocean, meet mysterious creatures residing in the murky, dark and sometimes luminous “other worlds” of the ocean’s depths.

Walking the earth as a human, I’d explore, without hesitation, the wonder and uniqueness of every single living entity … and glory in its creation. I’d meet as many forms of life in the wild and learn of their ways in nature. I’d embrace the natural behavior and order of things. The flow, the balance.

And if indeed I lived life as a female human on the planet earth, I’d question.

I’d question why there is a need for my question! Why in all human society on a global level, am I as a “female” of the species considered “less than” “unequal to” “have fewer rights then” and most of all – how could this thought process have begun (so long ago) and still continue into this day of today.

Over half of the planet is made up of female humans. Intelligent, capable, nurturing individuals doing (often more than) their equal part to love, encourage and shape humanity (moving it forward through their courage and amazing strength of will) after each adversity and war that eventually involves all humans as they deal with personal struggles, for not just survival but their place in life.

We need each other as equals, so I must ask why it is that females of “all” racial groups (without exception) are treated less than the whole of what they clearly are – a part of the wonder and richness of the planet they live on – every single one.

For all those other groups of “minorities” treated as “less than” through misguided ignorance, wrongful discrimination and cruel manipulation, each of them are also composed of women. Making my question again the predominant one. Why?

nature of life
essential for survival
is value of worth


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Have an excellent day and better tomorrow,

~ Penny

22 thoughts on “Ligo Haibun Challenge – If I were flesh and blood …

  1. I have often wondered why there was ever a difference…does it go all the way back to prehistoric man, where physical strength was honored for survival? One would think the ablility to give birth would have equal or elivated status? In some cultures woman do have equal regard. But not nearly enough.

    Thank you for your visits and encouraging words.

  2. Great haibun Penny! The beginning is beautiful – particularly the paragraphs about running and swimming. And of course the feminist in me can’t but agree with your point.

  3. An fabulous piece Penny. I agree with your sentiments about the position of women in society. It seems in most western countries the same discrimination occurs. But here there are steps being taken continuously to rectify the situation. But it is a slow process. Why so slow I do not understand. For the reality is, society cannot function without women so why would we make life difficult for them. I think history owes a lot to that as does religion.

    • Thank you, it is interesting Michael, I’ve studied the history of the thing a lot. And it’s almost as if women have been so caught up with saving and preserving what they can (within imposed limits) of humanity that they have not had the time they needed to protect their own rights as humans, while busily securing others well being! I believe that is changing now, however!

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