What do you believe in – And does your body believe you?

I truly believe there is a reason, I don’t have Crohn’s disease anymore. (and haven’t for 20+ years, and I was told “like cancer”, it is always there in the cells somewhere, or the capability of it reoccurring after my first surgery) I struggled with this disease for 20 years (awful problems, hospitalized more times than I care to recall – seemingly never ending) until I woke up one morning and just said … “No!”
Now I understand – that on that day, all four areas of the parts of my brain were in alignment (communication with each other) in that moment. So my “No” came equally from my emotion center, my cognitive center, my spiritual (belief system – whatever that may be for each of us) center, and my subconscious bodily activity center.
In other words, the chemical instructions via our neural pathways to the brain from each of those areas of activity sent the strongest message ever to my body that it could heal itself. And it did.
This could be perhaps, a possible explanation for those who survive the trauma of illness or life experiences. Not mystical voodoo, just all parts of ‘your being’ decided it can “fix” what needs to be fixed (remember we ‘mostly’ only use a small fraction of our brains total capability.
These are only my own personal thoughts being shared here, based on the history of my health but I’ve come to call this occurrence “The Alignment of our Being”. Usually we (Our conscious self) are at odds with one or more of these  interactive mental activities going on each day.
Memories, thoughts and actions center around those 4 centers of our being. If I look and feel 20 years younger, it’s because I sincerely feel 20 years younger and believe it, so my body does too, and acts on that belief. And of course it’s a no brainer that healthy living, lifestyle, and reducing the stress of the day just makes things even better.
So that’s it, give my  “Alignment of Being” idea some thought.
(The above are just a few ideas I shared in an email recently with a friend. I decided to pass it on to you too … for your consideration!)
All my best to you, have a great day today!
 ~ Penny

39 thoughts on “What do you believe in – And does your body believe you?

  1. When you wrote this to me Penny, the ‘Alignment of our Being’ resonated with me so much. Although I would not have thought to call it this, I believe I had a similar experience that helped me to get through some very tough times in my life. I had Terry read this in the hopes that it will strike a cord with him also. Thank you so much for your love and support Penny. I know in my very core it will help carry us through this bumpy patch. Much love. 🙂

  2. Your thoughts are half your life. Thought can move mountains….I am a great believer in what you wrote and that thoughts can heal or make a recovery faster if they are positive. Great to hear you feel 20 years younger, I do too…… it is great isn’t it? Enjoy the weekend Penny!

    • Yeah, it is funny, when people ask me my secret, I just tell them “I’ve had an easy life”, lol! You are correct, though, it is all about attitude! Thanks Ute, you also, big hugs your way! xx

  3. I do think I accomplished a similar feat where my UC was concerned… have been told a miracle to be “inactive” on that front for so long 20+ years– Now I am trying to get my “mind” to align about my wandering hip!! It isn’t wanting to cooperate though…maybe because the joint is truly ‘malaligned”?? 🙂 In any case my dearest friend ~ soon must make announcement about next leg of my journey – I’ve tried so hard to avoid the surgeons and considerations on that end… but getting impatient and wanting to have more fun in life than I’ve been able…. fantasies of being a grandma one fine day and all that jazz – so we shall see… x so much love – and vibrant health/wellness always! Robyn

    • What you’ve accomplished to date, is absolutely amazing Robyn. And I did laugh out loud about your malaligned joint. The strides that have been made with surgery are awesome, I do understand impatience too. Fun is important and getting on with your life, and there is a point “even when all is balanced” when additional measures are required. I support and love you through all, just know that, dearest friend of mine! xo

  4. every day–your thoughts create your reality. (plus diet) I am a HUGE believer in mind over matter over physical state.

    Didja ever read the Secret, Penny? It’s an old ‘un, but a good ‘un….and in the abundance of such books out there, it sums it up. Be positive to attract positive…and knowing this, I am confounded when I am otherwise.

    Life is hard though, sometimes, especially the mortality side of it.

    • Only about a thousand times (re: the Secret) And the same with many of the other books referred to! (In my personal struggles of illness in the past), I needed lots of personal reference points to shore up my only beliefs. Yes, life is hard – a fact. But even the hardness there is beauty to it if we allow that part to be an integral part of our everyday makeup Karen, my thoughts anyway! 🙂 xx

  5. A positive feeling can lift any mood my wickedly fine friend, indeed absolutely everyone can adopt an optimistic edge rather than the melancholy pessimistic alternative and if we think hard enough then anything can be achieved.

    You are correct, I believe that we use only ten or fifteen percent of our brain capacity, and for the other eighty five percent there are wonders yet to be realised. This is the journey of life and all of its wondrous challenges, and all that we have to do to follow this train of thought is to be here.

    Have fun today Penny 🙂

    Andro xxxx

  6. I have had a similar experience …. different disease … quite a miracle. You are the first person I’ve every heard of to share such an extraordinary alignment. 🙂 thanks for sharing this!

    • I’m so pleased your experience had a happy ending for you, just excellent! Way to go. After it happened to me and I had my next Colonoscopy (I’ve had more of those than I care to remember). It was exciting to have the doctor tell me how clean my intestines were of anything. Since then I’ve really researched and studied and thought about my own experiences and how it could have happened (the cure) to try to understand for myself. I’ve read just a ton of scientific studies, far east beliefs re: the body/mind, to try to figure it out, so far, this is as close as I’ve come, but it’s still a work in progress. I want to discover the “button”, if you will that each of us can press in our minds to achieve this effect. My pleasure to pass on and I love your input here. Most helpful for me, and others who read this! 🙂 xx

    • Yes it has been a while, I am doing very well. Life carries on, the good and the bad, and some glorious wonderful things thrown in the mix too! And you? How have you been doing Asha?

  7. My youngest son has crohn’s and as i watched him suffer some years back I realised how insidious a disease it was. Thankfully he has it under some control mainly due to a drug which keeps him well.
    Eventually he will go off that drug and we shall see what happens.
    I also believe in the power of the mind so I am impressed with your story.
    It seems as we get older nature plays a few cruel tricks on us and we either succumb or we put up a hell of a fight.
    I’m for the fighting as I have gkids i want to see grow and enjoy. Plus I think I a few years left in me and many more posts to make.

    • You have many more years left in you. I’ve always felt since (I don’t know quite some time ago) that I would live to be 125, my family actually believes me now, because of some of my life experiences, lol! So a key reminder here that may be helpful. What you think based on what someone tells you or you decide to be true – your body accepts as a fact and reacts accordingly. People who start a sentence with … “I’m getting old so…” (the body hears that and believes it! Trust me on this one. It is true Michael. 🙂 xx

  8. I know people with Chohn’s and I know how debilitating it can be, so that’s fantastic that you got over it! I’m quite skeptical about a lot of things, but whatever people believe, or don’t believe, it has been shown scientifically, time and again, that the placebo effect works – taking sugar pills can make people better, or alleviate their symptoms, if they believe it is a real drug. So as far as I’m concerned, that is the proof right there that the mind can heal the body, it’s just all about finding a way to harness the mind to do that, and you did it!

    • Hi Vanessa-jane, thank you for stopping by and commenting. You are so correct. Because many western doctors are indoctrinated with the science of a thing, they created the words ‘placebo effect’ to explain what they couldn’t understand themselves (scientifically speaking). You have no idea how many doctors told me what I wouldn’t be able to do ever, as the result of having Crohn’s and the arguments I’d get into because I wouldn’t take this drug (as a result of experiencing horrific side effects) or that drug. And your right, the trick is in figuring out how to harness the mind (I did it unconsciously) and afterwards spent a lot of that time figuring out how it happened, which I tried to explain here, just a little – still exploring and learning though. Thanks again for your visit, greatly appreciated by me. I hope all is well in your world! xx

    • Thank you Alejandro. When I began to write in my blog everyday a little over a year ago, I stated that If I could make a positive difference to just one person each day, I would be well satisfied. Still holds true today. xx

  9. Wonderful testimonies to healing here. I too had a very dramatic healing from a life long struggle with identity. Upon waking from a very intense and emotional dream, I experienced what felt like an electric current running up my spine starting at the base.
    Although it took months and perhaps years to digest, there was something different in how I sense the world ever since that experience.
    It has been suggested to me that I experienced what is called in the East, kundalini energy. Whatever it was, it changed me in a very deep and profound way.
    Thanks for sharing Penny. Here’s to healing!

    • Hi Debra. Thank you for your sharing your story. Fascinating! In many ways the middle east and far east are very far ahead of us in understanding these connections, certainly kundalini is one of those manifestations. Obviously a real experience if difficult to explain and for many westerners hard to grasp, understand or believe. Yes, I’m with you – Here’s to healing! xo

  10. Hello Penny! 🙂

    I believe this also. 14 years ago I went to Egypt and caught Giardia. The bug hid in my body so well it wasn’t detected until my insides where a mess. They found it and it took 3 lots of antibiotics to kill it.

    As a result I ended up with Post Infectious Irritable Bowel Syndrome. It dictated everything I did. Where I went, how long I stayed etc. It went on for 10 years. One day I sat down and cried and told myself I’ve had enough. This has to stop!

    I acted as if nothing was wrong even when it was. I wouldn’t let it rule me anymore. I can’t be silly with what I eat and drink but it no longer rules my world…because I said enough! Anxiety is the killer here. So, I won’t allow this to win. I believe every single word you wrote!!!! Sorry for the long comment, but its important what you wrote.

    Hugs Paula xxx

    • What a story Paula and good for you! I think each of us goes through internal struggles – subconsciously) as we connect up our life experiences and thoughts, feelings etc. But the body wants to be healthy, so when there is an invasion of some type of physical illness I believe what you decided made a positive difference for your ability to copy. Yup anxiety, stress definitely a killer! I love your long comments Paula and am so pleased you shared. Other readers will benefit from your thoughts, so I thank you so very much, huge hugs, most dear friend of mine! xxx

  11. last year i got very sick with a cough that one doctor thought might be emphysema.. during the night, nothing helped, and i coughed and coughed and strangled – tried to sleep sitting up – nothing helped. i awakened one night in a really bad cough attach, and i went to the deck and was almost strangling.. never has that happened and i finally said to myself, ‘STOP! this is not helping…’

    eureka.. the coughing eased almost instantly! it took me a month to get well, but i never had an attack that severe again.

    alignment is important!


    • Thank you z. An excellent story. And I think it makes reasonable sense to consider the alignment of the things that we all know we deal with (or don’t deal with) everyday. Good for you! 🙂 xx

  12. I Believe….
    what a wonderful mind filling post…
    I like the thought of all 4 parts aligned for I do believe I have done that
    Thank you for sharing Penny….
    Take Care…

    • Thank you maryrose, just my thoughts but it seems logical doesn’t it? Always a pleasure for me to share, thank you again, and I agree I think you have too. Your beautiful and emotional compositions speak volumes with regards to that. xx

      • You are welcome….in such an illogical world it seems very comfortably logical to me….the pleasure is mine for as I think of something…you usually confirm it for me…not in the exact text but close enough for me…
        Thank you I appreciate your kind words….it is always felt as well as heard
        Take Care..

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