Sleepless in Seattle – Zombie Identity Crisis!

An Official First Ever Zombie Rant

“If you honestly believe having pieces of myself falling everywhere is some kind of a great kick in the pants (much less the need to go back and collect them, well okay, mostly I don’t do that, unless I see a dog, like, chewing on a piece and well, that’s just gross) but come on lighten up already! And those movies … Aww come on already!”

“So do you really think that being among the undead is something I coveted, something that I couldn’t wait to happen. (actually I’m not precisely sure how it happened – it just did!) Exactly what do you think I’m supposed to do with myself? Well more precisely the various pieces of myself.”

“Yeah, I’m ticked off about stuff. You would be too. How’d you like to wake up and be …well, like me.”

“The average day spent groping about for direction, I still don’t have a clue of what I’m supposed to be doing, ya’ know, my M.O. (so to speak). So I hang out with other undeads, I have an in there, naturally, but then there’s this “like” group of us milling around. Although I have to say it was exceedingly groovy and cool to help Michael Jackson in “Thriller”. Who knew we could dance like that? We didn’t even need a choreographer, it just came naturally. Those awesome funky moves, I mean.”

“So there you have it. I (we) need serious direction because well, we’re basically clueless, kind of like Buffy the vampire killer, so we do what we do because … we do. The redundancy of our redundancy kind of thing … did that go over your head? I hope?

“I like to think of myself as being a somewhat intellectual zombie! Smarter than the average zombie. I wonder? Are all we zombies ‘average’, you know the same as? Or are we individuals, unique onto our selves (parts and pieces)? Sigh, heavy thoughts for one to contemplate. Over my head or off my head, as the case may be. The thoughts get lighter than … ha, ha. See a sense of humor too!”

“I’m thinking there has to be more to it then that. Okay so that’s my rant. Enjoy the video. Oh, and if you can come up with any thoughts on what my focus as a zombie should be – let me know, in the mean time, I’ll stay “Sleepless in Seattle”! Yeah I do puns really well! Oh and it’s okay if this goes viral … I’m totally cool with that also!”

“Your zombie friend, borrowing Penny’s THE WHY ABOUT THIS space (thank you Penny), so I could rant!”

Love and hugs (“I thought that was a nice friendly ending, but you probably wouldn’t really want to hug me – unless you want to take part of the hug with you, literally speaking”).

I. M. A. Zombie

22 thoughts on “Sleepless in Seattle – Zombie Identity Crisis!

    • I missed it, sadly … too bad about the friend missing out on it also, Alejandro! Zombies seem to miss out on all sorts of fun things! 😦 Thanks for asking though – I.M.Z

  1. Listen who ever you are… what did you do with Penny.?? Now get off here and bring her back or a visit from the Bulldog will be the next thing you know… then a few pieces could go missing… now bring Penny back…

    • okay … I’m leaving Mr. Bulldog, sorry … um, I really need all my pieces (that are left) so I’ll go quietly … I.M.Z.

      This was fun Bulldog, so much hype other there about this stuff, just had to take a funny shot at it. Thanks for playing along! Have a great weekend, my friend! πŸ™‚

  2. I heard Zombie and came running here, didn’t you know I am part Wombie, part Zombie and rest of it is human( ashamed of it but didn’t have choice)
    oh yes we zombies can dance and we hug and take some part of each others every time we hug, so we hug less..
    what an interesting Post Penny, loved it πŸ™‚

    • Wow, so really cool Soma! I am hangin … on to each of your words, great to meet another intellectual zombie … nice to not feel alone among the emotionless masses of other zombies, Stay whole – as you can! Hangin’ loose – I.M.Z

      Thanks Soma, this was a great fun to write!!!! πŸ™‚

    • Hey Al, How’s it hanging (I heard that from AnElephantCan’t). A catchy phrase I thought – it suited me! Anyway stay cool – p.s. man, the good parts (of life) is remembering who your friends are and aren’t and like pieces of me, you just simply let some of those pieces go, as needed. Those who care are still there. Oops, here comes Penny, gotta go man!!!!

  3. Hey Z
    Sittin’ here listenin’ to Patsy Cline singin’ I fall to pieces, your kinda song, probably.
    Like that Kelly chick singin’ Here’s my hand and my heart it’s yours to take, pretty funny, huh?
    Or maybe you prefer I left my heart in San Francisco – boy, that would smart a bit!
    Maybe catch a movie later – The Fugitive, that guy chasin’ the one armed man, you could get a part in that!
    Get a part – geddit!
    Or maybe ol’ Marlon in One-eyed Jacks?
    It’s not bad, I kinda half watched it already.
    Talk later, Z, hang loose, man.

    • Too cool, man, like way out there! Thanks!

      Funny you should mention San Francisco though,

      I know my friend Penny is thinking about doing a post of her visit there at Christmas with another blogger! Actually it’s ready to go, She hasn’t decided if she’ll post it or not.

      I have gone to pieces here, my fingers are falling off from being on this keyboard, She is going to be so upset, pieces of me everywhere! And I had promised to pick up after myself, Ah well, take care dude … Hanging Loose – I.M.Z.

    • Hey cool, I like it, so far so good … still have my head, my fingers are in trouble though because I’ve been using Penny’s keyboard and I can’t get all my bits cleaned off! Stay whole and I’ll … well I’ll hang on to what I can! – I.M.Z πŸ™‚

  4. I’ll take part of the hug with me – LOL

    I remember what a big deal it was when that video came out.
    I was waiting in front of the tv like millions of others – like a zombie.
    xx πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ xx

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