Alastair’s Photo Fiction – The Wave of the Future

A new photo from Alastair – a new photo prompt for Alastairs Photo Fiction. Write a short story or poem that his photo inspires you to write. The more creative, the better. approximately 150 words in length. Have fun! For more info, click on his link!


“I’m just so excited! Aren’t you honey?” The couple stared out at the monster crane lifting the contents over the place in the middle of the river.

“I don’t know, are you sure the river is deep enough?” She looked worried.

“Oh yeah, yeah, they did all the underwater survey stuff, and it’s plenty deep enough! The whole city decided this was the wave of the future, the way to go.”

“We’re the first aren’t we?” She asked him.

“Yes we won the lottery, and there will be a lot more to follow. But we’re the first!”

“Aren’t you even a little bit scared?” She asked.

“Of what?Β They have it all figured out. I think it’s a great idea. It will just take a little bit of time to get used to. And it’s very cost effective, a work in progress!”

“I suppose …” She said, hesitantly. “When will it be ready? Did they say?”

His smile was huge as he held her close and they watched the crane lowering the last section of the water proof building into the river. “Our home will be ready to move into tomorrow!”

“Cool, sweetie, I was wondering how we get down to our new home, you haven’t mentioned that to me yet? ……… Honey?”


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Hope you enjoyed and that your weekend has started off well for you,

~ Penny


25 thoughts on “Alastair’s Photo Fiction – The Wave of the Future

  1. Twenty-twenty what? Good little story. The company that sells the homes has a monopoly on underwater vehicles no doubt.

    • Hey great idea Chris! And of course they would. When the government doesn’t plan correctly, there’s always a clever entrepreneur nearby to make a profit out of fixing the problem, lol! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Cool that their home is being built underwater! I came up with a story of a house being transported on the crane, but yours dives below the surface into a neat dimension. As an aside, I remember reading about an underwater hotel room in Florida, I think off of Key Largo.

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