Are you deserving of love?


What have YOU done to DESERVE to be LOVED?











52 thoughts on “Are you deserving of love?

    • Thank you! And thank you for stopping by, Your blog is fascinating, Great articles, just from the comments you receive you’ve got enough going on over there to write hundreds more posts on the subject. I was afraid if I commented I couldn’t stop writing, lol!!!

    • Thank you so very much for the reblog. Paula I posted it this morning and then was offline until just a little bit ago, I do appreciate you so much! Coming over there right now! πŸ™‚ xx

  1. It is a question that we have probably all asked ourselves at some point in our lives and continue to as we make poor choices along the way. I do agree with you however, Penny, no matter the circumstance, we all deserve to be loved. Hope you are having a loving weekend. πŸ™‚

    • What a great thought if all humans began their life (as an infant) with unconditional love and knowledge ingrained within them as they grew to adulthood. Can you imagine how awesome humanity would be! A wishful thought, but a mighty one none the less, LuAnn! So far so good on the weekend, hope same is true for you. πŸ™‚

  2. Everyone deserves love and be loved! Everyone should experience love to be able to give it too. And unfortunately, some children do not experience it, and that is the saddest thing in this world………

  3. Very provocative post Penny. As I read I didn’t agree with the blanket statement, but when forced to boil everything down… Talk is cheap and it is not always easy to love the unlovely, but I believe with God’s grace it is very possible. Especially when you take into account that He loves us, just as we are, and calls us to love one and other without qualifiers. πŸ™‚

  4. You are so wise with the use of the word “Love”.
    I love how you interpret love as humanity us. Love, love, love one another…

    You hit this piece with a hammer on a nail. Bravo! Penny. πŸ™‚

    P.S I posted a poem about David Bowie if your interested in reading it. πŸ™‚

  5. Very interesting post. I agree with this wholeheartedly, which includes the sociopath as mentioned in previous comments. Loving and liking are two very different things. You can love someone by showing them compassion, friendship, concern for their well-being, offering a helping hand or any one of a number of other things, think “Love thy neighbor”. Loving someone however, does not necessitate that you like that person. You don’t have to like what they have done, what they think, their overall behavior, but that does not mean that you can’t love them. In the case of the sociopath, showing love for one consumed by a mental illness, shows compassion, yes there needs to be boundaries and treatment, but even for these individuals, for whom there is likely no cure, love in a non-romantic sense would be something positive in their lives. Yes, I do believe that we are all deserving of love. Just one man’s opinion. Excellent post Penny.

  6. Interesting… paused to give this some serious thought, not sure if I agree but it is an interesting idea and if more people shared in it the world might be a better place…but then again we should be able to love every being and living creature and yet we don’t.

    • It’s a hard one to agree to isn’t it, when we think on our personal experiences or those that other’s have had. But I truly believe that if one had to chose it would be a nicer world to live in, if love and not hate was the ruling emotion in one’s life.

  7. Disclaimer: I have always struggled with the idea and meaning of “deserving.” If we deserve good things that happen, must we then say we deserve the bad things?
    Perhaps to move away from asking ourselves if we deserve to be loved, because we feel a bit of reluctance to reply, we can ask ourselves, if we do not deserve to be loved than what do we deserve? A slap in the face? To be struck by lightening? I think turning the question around points to the problematic idea of deciding if we deserve anything.
    Love is a gift and when freely given and received changes us and the world. Even being loved in return for doing something doesn’t bring the same feeling as being loved because you are chosen by another to be loved.
    Love is a choice, an act of the will. Most important, don’t let the question of whether you deserve love to interfere with your ability to receive the gift.
    Respectfully offered,

  8. I agree Penny. Love though does come at a cost and if as mentioned above by Ivonne, if you are trying to love someone such as a sociopath it is important to have parametres of the depth or length you are willing to go for that person because loving yourself is ultimately what gives the ability to love broadly.

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